College Basketball Jammy Jam: Villanova Abused Xavier, Baylor Got Throttled, and Grayson Allen is a Chode

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Villanova is on their way back to number one, maybe even more quickly than I thought. Baylor spent roughly 24 hours on top before getting THROTTLED by West Virginia, 89-68. It’s not so easy being a target, is it? Meanwhile, Villanova took a Russian Shower on Xavier, again, and had head coach Chris Mack forlorn:

“Well, the annual Villanova ass kicking. I’m getting really tired of it,” said a despondent Xavier head coach Chris Mack during his postgame press conference following his program’s latest loss at Villanova.

Great leadership there, coach. I sat rather close to the Xavier bench and was watching Mack late in the second half. Villanova was up 20 or so (natch), and on one sideline you have Jay Wright, coaching a veteran team and the National Champions, still instructing his players after each possession, and on the other you have Mack, looking exasperated and saying almost nothing to his team even after Villanova had wide open dunks on three of four possessions. You could literally see why one guy coaches the best team in the country and the other keeps getting embarrassed by them. Never mind the fact that Villanova was easy money last night as Xavier was spotted having lunch at Five Guys before the game:

And now it’s on to Duke– they lost their third game of the season last night, getting buried by Florida State. But the takeaway, of course, is Grayson Allen being a piece of shit:

From ESPN:

Duke guard Grayson Allen, in his third game back since serving a one-game suspension for tripping an opponent in his third such incident in the past 10 months, shoved a Florida State assistant coach as he was falling into the seats late in the Blue Devils’ 88-72 loss on Tuesday.

The play, which came as the No. 9 Seminoles were leading the No. 7 Blue Devils 75-61 with 6:00 to play in the second half, went under the radar after the game, with no known references from coaches or players of Allen’s shove of Dennis Gates, a sixth-year assistant coach on Leonard Hamilton’s staff.

It wasn’t clear whether Allen was intentionally shoving Gates in frustration or attempting to push the assistant coach out of the way as he fell after chasing a loose ball and swatting it back into play. But Allen and Gates both ended up prone on the floor amid several collapsed courtside chairs.

After the game, Gates denied that Allen pushed him, but I’m not so sure:

Anyway, Duke lost and yet another team cedes it’s shot at being number one. It won’t be long until Kansas and overrated coach Bill Self join them.

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23 Responses

  1. Wish I knew about this fast food binge & bet nova. . I listened to that idiot mike miss producer and bet the loser flyers. They blow & I lost $&

  2. 5 minutes into the midday show, and they’re already re-airing the Terrell Owens interview on 97.5 the fanatic.

    Do they have no shame?

    1. Bc I’m listening right now, moot streaming nicer the air, and Ellis Mayes didn’t even come on yet….
      I know ppl say let the past stay where it is, but I enjoyed listening to T.O. it brought me to a warm and fuzzy place that reminded me that the eagles were good once upon a time

      1. Lol idk what the fuq I just typed but I meantt, I’m not streaming but over the air

    2. Did you expect anything less? Ellis, Mayes, Gargano, and Mike Miss have all been mailing it in for years. No thought put into daily topics, no prep, just the same rehashing of Eagles stories. Be glad that you get to hear Freddie and TO tell the stories instead of Ellis and Gargano for the 300th time. Marks is the only one that invested time into his show and you can really see the difference since he left. Personally, I stopped listening a week after he left because i just couldn’t take Gargano anymore.

      1. Liar!
        I saw you blowing Gargano last week in the men’s room at the Wells Fargo Center.
        You were trying to play the BJ tug-of-war, but you lost.

  3. Cue all the idiot Eagles fans saying they should sign him to play. I swear we have some of the dumbest fans. Absolutely slobbering over a guy who was here for a year and a half until he blew up the team like he did in SF and Dallas. But yeah it’s everyone else’s fault.

  4. Thumbs up on the new parking garage, got out of there in under 5 minutes. Just don’t pee on the way out, hold it.

  5. Temple basketball stinks. The Sixers stink. Villanova is building a dynasty.
    And yet I cannot find it in myself to root for them because Kyle’s pomposity. I have to assume most of the Big 5 fans who root against Nova on the national stage do so because the insufferable arrogance of the Main Line fans.

    1. and my son is a Temple grad. While I do not “love” Villanova, I really did like those Rollie teams, and have come to appreciate their team and accomplishments, and if they are playing, I am rooting for them. I don’t get the haters…..they are a “local” team, everyone knows someone who went there, family, friends, coworkers, so good for them. Course, I’m still not buying one of their shirts! BANG!

  6. Kyle just post about Villanova if you want. It’s you’re site. You don’t have to mask it inside of “jammy jam” post whatever that is.

  7. 1) Duke wasn’t exactly threatening to become #1 so I don’t think anything was ceded last night. 2) Kyle I love the site but you must be trolling with the way these Nova posts are written. There is no way you could be so far up Nova’s ass. It’s really off-putting.

  8. Due to a great leadership and well coordination of Villanova’s team, they were able to win the game. Unfortunately, Duke got defeated for the third time. If every team will focus on winning the game and not by thinking of the possibility of losing it, then there will be higher chances of victory.

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