CSN Sweaters

Voila_Capture 2017-01-16_12-33-38_PM

Split-screen striped synergy as master sweater wearer D-Gunn and Barrett Brooks take their latitudes far and wide to keep things in perspective for the viewer.



A little ice-side argyle action from Barkann. It reminds Pierre of the dress code at Avon Old Farms.


Voila_Capture 2017-01-16_12-23-58_PM

Marshall Harris DGAF with his tight v-neck. Pecks for days.


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Our friend John Barchard gets in on the action with a classic collar-out out look. 


Voila_Capture 2017-01-16_12-27-20_PM

Dave Zangaro doesn’t own a white undershirt. Would he dare go bare?


Voila_Capture 2017-01-16_12-27-49_PM

Two sweaters. One Marc.


Voila_Capture 2017-01-16_12-29-39_PM

Quickly slant off my screen with this clashing mess.


Voila_Capture 2017-01-16_12-30-52_PM

R. Diddy will not stoop to the level of sweater.


Voila_Capture 2017-01-16_12-38-41_PM

Epaulets! Buttons! Ribbed shoulders! D-Gunn making Roob look straight foolish while rocking the Cadillac of sweaters.



The Camerato Casual Cardigan™ for when you have to keep warm from the ice storm that is sitting next to Marcus Hayes.


barkann 1

Barkann’s sweater doing double duty here.



D-Gunn spent $7,000 on sweaters. And it shows.

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38 Responses

          1. Watching those SB victories on your VCR today are ya? H0M0 one team can talk shit in this division. The Giants. Redskin and Cowboy fans talking about SB victories from over 20 years ago is hollow.

          2. Hey genius, that team you love so much has 5 super bowl championships. Your quite the astute fan.

    1. Comments have been lacking lately. Quite awful. Definitely not compelling and rich. Looks like too many n1gger monkeys have found out about our site and are now ruining it. RIP CB.com

  1. So this is how you’re spending your time huh…that’s some pretty in depth journalism there.

  2. I agree it’s really stupid. CSN must be hurting getting rid of all their top reporters but this is a good example of why they’re out of touch. In all seriousness I’m glad you wrote this post the sweater thing is ridiculous as is getting rid of some of their best anchors. Neil Hartman and Leslie Gudel are missed every day meanwhile you see some of the people they trot out. Barkhan and John Clark are the only gems they have left. Want to reach millennial CSN? Try having a website that isn’t unreadable without an ad blocker.

    1. Right on, Brother Frank! Millennials are cutting the cord and getting AWAY from this kind of desperate condescending talking heads crap on ESPN. Meanwhile, the rest of your audience has no reason to watch CSN anymore other than game coverage (and that includes “post game live” shows that have basically become filler segments between commercials). And as noted above, I can’t read anything on your website on my phone (full page ads load 30 seconds *after* I’ve already started reading something) or on my computer (ad blockers won’t stop god-awful videos from auto-playing). Millennials have about a 5-second attention span, especially on their phones. Nothing about your brand or technology appeals to them. Meanwhile, you’re cutting your best on-air talent and forcing the remaining ones to be tragically [un]hip, losing your core Philly sports fan in the process. Great work, someone deserves a raise over there!

      1. Yea man definitely. They should go back to Daily News live when it was old school and unpolished. The sleek new branding and over produced segments make it almost unwatchble theyre just trying too hard. Also they should try to do some real journalism because the only thing i want to sit and watch for 20 mins is the real sports show on hbo. no quick slants crap. Even though brian gumbel is unbearingly pompos his show does real journalism and the storytelling is compelling. why don’t they try to do something interesting and good instead of 20 questions about what kind of cereal claude giroux likes to eat. Also barrit brooks is no good and ray diddy cant get a word in edge wise with barrit and seth joyner yelling across him in their rage. they should have kept vaughn hebron or the gov but ray only talks when michael asks him questions cause it isnt his style to interject when the people bloviating seem to have no interest in what he has to say. i’ll take the gov over barrit any day and its sad to see him in his corner when they cut his mic off after 2 scripted sentences. csn philly is silly and like u said its filler to get to commercials not to mention the filler itself is sponsored 80 different ways. nothing seems organic we want the real deal i used to love csn.

  3. Wow this is garbage. This is the worst “article” to ever appear on Crossing Broad, great job!

  4. Bill “One Chair” Conlin told me he liked youngsters in sweaters. He also told me he was an innocent guy.

    You know what else?

    “I believe I can fly…..”

  5. Can you believe Eliot Shorr-Parks has never seen The Godfather or Rocky movies? He’s not a real man like me.

  6. Jim, you arent funny. Its more awkward for the reader when you try to be. Leave that to Kyle. Just go drink an IPA no one’s heard of and work on the next Embiid article you’re going to incorrectly copy and paste from.

    1. The program director told him to stop squinting on camera.

      When he said “I’m not squinting, that’s my normal face”, they fired him.

  7. Did Sarah Baicker sleep with Steve Mason or something? The way she defends him is so over the top.

    Regardless I’m a millenial and I prefer the old CSN with Daily News Live and 30 minutes of SportsNet Central.

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