Jordan Matthews is looking forward. He knows the Eagles had a disappointing season, but with Carson Wentz positioned as their QB of the future, Matthews thinks an off-season retreat to Wentz’s hometown might be in order.

“I want to go to the FargoDome and throw,” Matthews said after the Eagles’ week 17 game. “I hear that place is pretty cool. We can go to downtown Fargo and kick it.” I think they can probably “chill,” but last I heard “kicking it” was strictly forbidden.

“We always go to California. It’s cool, but it’s real expensive and guys are all across the city, whereas [in Fargo], I’m like, ‘Bro, we can get like one cabin out there.’ I know they got cabins and a lot of space, you know what I’m saying? Get a cabin, we’ll go throw and we’ll look at each other the rest of the day. There’s nothing else to do. Go somewhere where we have no choice but to get closer.”

I don’t know about cabins, Jordan, but I searched the entire Greater Fargo area on AirBnB and you got plenty of 30 options. A whole 30. But don’t worry, I found you one. 10 bedrooms, sleeps 16, and it comes with complementary shampoo. Can’t beat it.