Meet Sheena Parveen’s Replacement

Tammi Souza will soon be joining NBC10 from Fox 32 in Chicago. She’ll arrive sometime next month. I mentioned this to Kyle for one second and he inundated me with videos and pictures in our work chat so here you are:



Welcome to Philadelphia, Tammi. Things are going to get very weird, I’m so sorry, and you’ll never be Sheena.

Post Script: A friend who was in from out-of-town recently thought it was weird that local newscasters are very famous here. It is weird. It’s very weird. I don’t care. Other cities may be too cool or whatever, but they don’t have Jim Gardner.


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  1. I think her colleague Jenny Milkowski up there would have been a more formidable replacement for our beloved Sheena. Sorry.

  2. No thanks, give me Nikki Dee Ray, she’s got a bomb pair and a great snatch to boot!

    1. She’s blonde and looks as dumb as a stump.

      Yay and Yay !!

  3. As a running back. He packs a real wallop on the field and will be a huge hit with female Birds fans.

    1. Yo Joshy Washy, saw your ratings in H-town are dropping. Give up the day time slot, you’re graveyard radio material.

  4. She can get the D 4 sure, big fan of middle-aged blonde chicks with a nice rack

  5. Please Jim Adair. less posts about other ugly media hags and more from you on how to act and cheer appropriately at Sixers game.

    How and whom should I cheer when at Sixers games, Jim. After all, you are the Fandom Police!

  6. Seeing this chick for the first time was like the first day Douggie P was getting off the plane as the Eagles new head coach. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT

  7. I once blew a nut on Craig LaBan’s sea bass. His review said the lemon shallot butter was to die for

  8. shes a little thick but has a nice pair. im sure she will work out more now that shes in philly and will make sure she doesnt lose any boob weight. gotta keep those things big.

    wonder if she bleaches her asshole? if she does she should speak with jillian mele who knows a thing or two about that.

    also believe she has a nice landing strip for pussy hair. doesnt seem like a broad that shaves totally clean.

  9. love how kyle wont do a hottest local tv anchor poll/bracket but he will post this story solely to get horrible comments talking about this woman’s private areas. i hope she or her family and friends are not directed toward this. its insulting on a variety of levels, namely the “editor” of this blog posting a story as an excuse for his methed-up reader base to post sexist comments.

    you wonder why nobody respects you, laskowski? lets use this garbage as exhibit A.

  10. She seems like she could have grown on us if she started here like Cecily, the old queen whose gash any self-respecting man would be proud to service. But coming in as an old nag to replace the fattest set of tits this side of Los Angeles? Ruben Amaro move, NBC.

    At least she seems like a freak. I won’t take much convincing.

    1. “the old queen whose gash any self-respecting man would be proud to service”

      This might be the best line ever written on this site. I laughed so hard I got dizzy.

      1. I started laughing and my wife asked what I was laughing about. Don’t think she would understand, great line though.

  11. Heard he hooked up with several Birds cheerleaders and some of Sixers dancers. I don’t how he does it.

  12. What was the incident Angelo mentioned this morning that made Rheewa leave Twitter?

  13. Shake and Bake !!!! She’s no Sheena, but she does have some skill……..AS WELL…………!!!!!!

  14. Turn on fat Gargano and the first thing that meatball asks Freddie Mitchell if he can still play. How in the world is he a morning show host? What has he done to earn that slot? And why the fuck is Freddie Mitcell even being interviewed?

  15. Looks like she uses her legs to draw attention away from her face, great idea. I bet Mikey Miss throws his dick into the ring for a shot to eat her dumper.

  16. I wish they would start putting a fat ugly guy up there so I can stop jerking off and actually know when to wear my jacket for once.

  17. I hope she comes to her senses and cancels her contract here. You can take the girl out of Kankakee but you cant take Kankakee out of the girl. It is going to be cruel. Just put the Bowtie guy on. He knows his stuff.

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