Source: Breakfast on Broad is Being Cancelled

According to a source with insight on the decision, Breakfast on Broad has been cancelled. The last show will be Friday, after over 20 months on the air.

Ratings for the show on TCN were underwhelming, and the source said the show’s overhead didn’t make it worth producing. If the show had succeeded, there were plans to launch similar shows in Chicago, Boston, and elsewhere, but with BoB’s cancelling, those plans are all but dead. As it stands now, TCN plans to keep everyone on the show around but in different roles.

Before it leaves forever, let us look back at the best moment in BoB’s short history:

I really want one of those mugs now.

UPDATE: We’re now hearing that while talent and a few others are safe, much of the crew is being let go.


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    1. The bob crew has been silent on social media , maybe this isn’t true

      1. I’m giving out black eyes and fat lips, to all wise guys and gals, who mock me for losing my comfy B.O.B job.
        If any of you punks are feeling froggy then I dare you to leap!

        1. Rob Tough Guy Ellis you look thinner than a rail, you are skinnier than your 2 female co-hosts? Is the tough guy act compensating for a Napolean Complex perhaps.

          1. Rob first off let me say BOB was a great show and you’re a class act as always. Dont let these losers living in their mothers basement get to you Ok Ok , Like Ingy and Lenny from King of Prussia , you have forgotten more about sports than these guys will ever know. . Furthermore we still have you on 97.5 and we’ll follow you as the Sixers win 7 NBA Championships in the next 9 years. The Eagles will shock the world and win the Super Bowl next year and dont be surprised if the Flyers win 4 Staney Cups in a row.

          1. This is the real Charles from the Northeast and the guy above did write a great impression of me! HAHAHAHA! VERY FUNNY! But breakfast on broad sucked and so does Ellis! The only good one on that show was the totally beautiful Jillian Mele! God- She’s Gorgeous!!! And to the above guy using my name- I have forgotten more sports than you’ll ever know brother!!!!

      2. Honestly , this is a shock. I heard that B.O.B. was getting good ratings. I even heard that ESPN was scouting Rob Ellis for one of there morning shows. It is a shame, I really enjoyed the show. I watched it every morning along with the rest of my office.

        P.S. Jim, where did you go to school? “after over 20 months on the air”????? after over?????? Move out of the sticks kid.

        1. There tv ratings were never anything to write home about. And I don’t know about and scouting on Ellis, but he did go up to Bristol a few months ago to interview. Know your facts Heywood.

        2. You are really busting Jim’s balls for syntax when you used the wrong version of Their? Log off the internet forever.

    2. That hooked nose kike juuuuu is trying to rub her titties against Beady eyes Ellis arm and look at that f@ggot leaning away and holding his arm desperately against his body so he doesn’t have to feel a tit.

    3. Jillian likes to golf, I would love to lick her puss after a 95 degree day on the links….then go around back and stick a pinky in that tight butthole. I bet she’s not the best d sucker but I would love to blow a huge load on her face

  1. FWIW: good concept, bad channel. 6-10 am on CSN would have succeeded. Nothing on TCN will succeed. Unforced errors are typical of CSN

    1. Honestly the show was destined to fail once it started with that name and intro. It’s too corny. I think most people saw through it and realized they were trying way too hard and it was uncomfortable.

    2. Damn a hot piece of ass like Jillian taking sports on TV gets canned but Cataldi(who referenced Ginger Rogers,Fred Astaire and Grace Kelly this past week) lasts 25 years.

        1. Either does Angelo! He’s pretty admitted multiple times he goes to bed at like 4 pm, never watches any sports, never goes to any live games, etc… He’s also not a Philadelphia fan whatsoever and his radio shtick has to be the biggest farce in sports radio history, albeit a very profitable one for him.

    3. Seriously, whosever had the idea to put it on TCN should be fired! Should have been on CSN the whole time. Not going to lie, I’m going to miss those pants with the zippers that Sarah rocked!

  2. Don’t worry, there will always be a job for a boring company man like Ellis. See Mike Greenberg.

      1. There’s always room for a guy who has the talent to pronounce the name “Murray” as “merry.”

        Murray Christmas to you, Robby E.

  3. The show was awful. Barrett has no clue about sports, Sarah has a face for radio and never gets off her knees for the Flyers, and Jillian is super hot but never showed cleavage.

  4. Show would have lasted longer if Jillian would have showed them big tits off more

  5. A show with Ellis at the helm is destined to fail. What a 0 talent. Jill could tone it down on the makeup, but I guess you have to pile it on for a Reason. Brooks is a joke

  6. I’ve never fucked a chick remotely as attractive as those two. Barrett Brooks is a fat titsoon. Rob Ellis is a faegala.

  7. Hated Breakfast with broads. Brooks is a retard. Ellis has a Napoleon complex. One chick an 8 the other a 4. Yawn

  8. Like many said what a shock a show anchored by Rob Ellis failed. He is boring. It’s okay. Some people aren’t meant for media. His show with Harry is awful. I just don’t get why he keeps getting gigs. And yeah when it’s not football season a show with a former player doesn’t work.

  9. The chicks weren’t hot enough. Look at the forehead on the dark haired one and the other is just another halfway decent looking weather girl.

  10. Stupid to compete against themselves like this. How many people are tuning in to Philly sports on television on the am? Watch: Ellis is going to replace Barkann as they keep axing the old guys.

  11. It’s gonna be a goooooood game

  12. Maybe now that this awful show is gone, it’ll give Harry and Rob a chance to, you know, plan a show insread of talking about the same thing for days. Probably not. Rob is the ultimate fun vacuum. Whenever Harry tries to take the show off the rails as they say, Rob gets too uncomfortable and keeps it on the stright and narrow.

  13. ‘Everyone’ staying is a reach by the way. They laid off 12 people associated with the show. Those who had little to do with the shit show that it really was, guys who runcanera, direct, run audio, etc. Ironically they’re keeping the folks who were responsible for this flame out, like the no-talen hosts, and the producer who had no clue. It’s a shame. Jillian knew NOTHING about any sport. And yo boot, was vocal in her unwillingness to learn, flat out refusing to talk about the Flyers. No chemistry, no knowledge, no viewers. No surprise.

  14. You mean “has been cancelled.” Get an editor, Jim. I wrote with you at the Keystone and your writing hasn’t improved a fucking bit since then.

  15. What’s with Lucy Noland’s lips? Did she get her tits inflated to maximum capacity and then decide to just work her way up?

  16. Soft landing for a short time for those four. The original producer left a few months ago for Fox, and the new guy was an internal promotion, no harm no foul. Sarah goes back to Flyers commentary on CSN, Brooks will be used for the Draft, Training Camp, and then football season, but will be invisible otherwise. Ellis will have to actually arrive at The Fanatic earlier then ten minutes to show time now, and maybe rotate on Flyers, Sixers, and Eagles postgame shows, but is going to feel the stigma of failure and take it out on everyone around him. You can fit two Jillian’s inside of Amy Fadool’s dresses these days, not too hard to see how that will turn out. After a month or two, when some of these luckier-then-they-will-ever-realize egomaniacs get swept out by management, it wont be a story then when the axe comes mercifully down on them. It should be a federal crime that these four will be putting “Emmy Award-winning” in underlined bold type on their resumes for the hopefully years and years before they find daily TV work again.

    1. No one with even half of a brain in the business gives any credence to “Emmy” winner. It’s a total joke, like a participation trophy but for big dummies who think they did something.

    1. Poor Jillian doesn’t show enough skin and isn’t busty enough to return to traffic reports in this city.

  17. I’m surprised it lasted this long. The only reason to tune in would have been to see what Jillian looked like. Baicker seems like a nice girl, but nobody wants to hear chicks talk about sports, not even other women who generally dislike “sports talk”. Barrett Brooks has trouble communicating his thoughts and should have been replaced early on with someone who could speak better. And as we all know, Rob Ellis is a boring pedo-looking douche. The show was way too “safe” in it’s design. If you want to draw viewers at that time of the morning when everyone is on their way or already at work, then you need to be a bit more provocative. Should of had Mele showing more skin and setting up a debate style type show like “first take”, but with better personalities than Brooks and Ellis. Still would have been hard to sustain viewers though.

  18. Damn, why are people here such douchebags? Calling out Jillian for not showing more skin, making fun of Sarah, Barrett, and Rob? Get a life people, they still know more than you about sports, and make 10x more doing their jobs. Jealousy is a nasty trait to have, and comments sections bring on the worst of them. Good luck to them all if they really are cancelled, I actually did enjoy watching it when i woke up.

    1. If you think those 4 made “10x more money” than average folks you obviously know nothing about the business. Those saps could have been replaced by anyone and their paychecks would reflect that..

    2. I agree RG-

      Comcast decide what you want and stick to it. If you are asking me (yeah, I know you are not) way too much sports talk and not enough sports highlights and news. I have plenty of sports talk radio (on several channels TV and Radio) and it sucks already. I just want you to tell me who won the game and if we lost show me why. Rebroadcasting games in which I know who won-can you say-LAME

      1. I do agree talk shows about sports are overdone. Need to do more interactive things on these shows and not just talk and rehash things we already know. Still, no reason for people to be total dicks insulting the hosts, that is just anonymous assholes on social media feeling bad about themselves having to call others names to help their piss poor self esteem.

    3. Seriously doubt they make great $$ for a 2 hour bore fest. Get off their dicks ryan, you are not getting laid .

      1. No, just no need to be an anonymous internet asshole like yourself. Does it make you feel like a bigger single man insulting people on TV just because you know they can’t do anything about it? Does it make your parents’ basement feel less like a dungeon of solitude?

    4. Nah, these folks don’t make much for this kind of gig. Ratings were abysmal and they were basically lucky to have jobs. How much should Comcast pay somebody like that?

  19. A local show recapping Philly sports would work but it needs more backing. Tcn isn’t even a real channel. Make it a real sports center competitor

  20. The show’s main flaw was that it wasn’t on CSN. People weren’t turning into whatever no-name channel to watch this group of folks yap about the same thing every single day. But I do agree with previous posters…Brooks had no business being on that show. I respect Sarah, but I view her as a hockey insider and nothing else. Jill should’ve whored it up for the show, tried to draw to some viewers….Perhaps to her credit, she didn’t, but I think it hurt the show…She contributed very little else besides her appearance. And Rob….Haha, I don’t have a problem with Rob, but he’s a tool. And I think I saw it on a previous poster…He’ll wind up back back on WIP in some way shape or form…He just comes off as the type of guy who will talk big about being mistreated by said radio station, but he’ll also bounce back and forth between them, holding down various time slot posts.

    1. DSD, Rob has his radio show on 97.5 from 10-2 still with Harry in addition to BOB in the morning.

    2. sarah’s a hockey insider?
      no…not even close.
      sarah’s a sycophant fan in love with the flyers players.
      why else would she defend mason after he gave up 12 goals in less than 3 games in the playoffs.

  21. So CSN realized the ratings/ money wasn’t worth it but still throw Rendell on at Post Game? Got it

  22. BOB is cancelled? It’s hard to believe someone actually had the good taste to pull the plug on that shitshow.

    What is mamby-pamby Ellis going to do now?

  23. Just like Hallie Berry, Jillian Mele’s “talent” is limited to her cans.

    (No one considered Berry an A-lister until she started flashing her boobs on screen. That probably wouldn’t even work for Mele, because she’s annoying as hell.)

  24. these comments are hysterical….eons better than the content churned out on this crappy blog

    i mean if im one of the 4 people on this show id probably kill myself by now reading this. ellis seems like a nice guy and knows sports in and out but hes a vanilla milquetoast dad wearing a fanny pack running after his bratty kids at disney world. barrett was an unremarkable football player doing an unremarkable job in tv. jillian is pretty enough and has big enough tits to be on espn or something, but shes conceded, lazy and doesn’t know enough. sarah might know hockey and has a nice pair, but the general person watching is an angry trump supporting neanderthal sports fan and they dont want to hear hot takes from some juu broad.

    the morning show idea wasnt bad but it needed to be on csn and they shouldve found 4 different people to do it. well jillian couldve stayed but she needed to show more of her tits. jesus christ woman you have 2 glorious assets, dont be afraid.

  25. Congrats to Jillian Mele for finally getting away from Rob Ellis. I hear that she hasn’t had a proper orgasm since B.O.B started since sitting anywhere near Rob Ellis can render a snatch completely useless.

  26. Why does Rob Ellis look likes he’s in a hostage video every time I see him on camera?

  27. How about rebranding TCN, and making it “WCAU+”, a general entertainment station with movies and seldom seen TV shows from the Universal library, and lots of local programming? Sure beats BoB and infomercials any day.

  28. I woke up this morning wonder how Carson is going to watch the Super Bowl. Is he watching it with buddies? Hey Schefty, is Carson on track to being a top 5 quarterback?

  29. Hopefully they replace this with a Sean Brace show. Three hours of a pie faced bald wigger in his 40s would be highly entertaining.

    1. This would actually be more entertaining than BoB!!!! On that note, 975 should have moved Marks & Brace to mornings instead of hiring that fat, fraud Gargano. Would have cost a lot less for the same ratings.

      1. You don’t think Eytan’s Tinder experiences are compelling sports radio? How about fake callers to the Mikey Miss show?

  30. 2 more days to paradise ;

    Wing bowl 10:

    Date: 2/1/2002
    Location: First Union Center
    Winner: Bill “El Wingador” Simmons
    Wings Eaten: 143

    WING BOWL 11
    Date: 1/24/2003
    Location: First Union Center
    Winner: Bill “El Wingador” Simmons
    Wings Eaten: 154

  31. Has this even been CONFIRMED?? Crossing Broad says now maybe the talent will be kept but some staff is gone. SO is the show done or what???

  32. Those fuckers promised me a mug a year and a half ago. No wonder they’re going under.

  33. True story- Friend of mine who plays hockey said he hooked up with Baicker on a Friday night this summer

    Said she gives amazing head and loves to scream

      1. Yep they had a FWB thing going for a few months. Said she was a great lay
        Sarah still posts here. Lots of respect if she responds to confirm

    1. Sarah is hardly the type you kiss and tell about. Probably a good lay, but you keep it to yourself.

    2. She threw that guy something and not me? But I know the names of a thousand hipster bands and I am svelt.

  34. Wasn’t Baicker banging Eskin for a while? she’s got the look of a girl who’s a hellcat in the sack.

    1. Who didn’t nose that.

  35. How many of Missy Mikes callers are fake? I’d say around 75% before the 5 o’clock when real people get off work.

  36. Why does everyone hate Rob Ellis so much. He is just a regular dude who knows his sports.

    1. Yeah, other than that I’m a supposed sports talk personality with no personality, I don’t get it either.

  37. If Bob was so bad why is Espn copying it for their new morning show? Tcn is the “The Cadaver Network” because any show that airs on that network dies a violent death. Poor decision too not air it on Sportsnet. Watch out for more layoffs at Sportsnet in a year or two when R2D2, C3PO and their droid friends are brought in. When Jillian’s contract is up
    she’ll be working the corner of Broad and Pattison.

  38. What am I gonna do now without Barrett Brooks infiltrating every orifice in my body 24/7 via every local sports medium.

  39. Oh yeah you commenters are so funny. You have an issue, come down to the xfinity studios and say it to my face PUNKS. DO NOT question my toughness. I’m from Delco. You wanna go bub? I’ll hang up on you so fast you won’t know what hit you.

  40. Looking forward to more re-runs of Seeking Solutions with Suzanne to take it’s place. FAP FAP FAP!

  41. Glad I won’t have to hear Brooks describe a slow person as “slow as pond water” again. Like dude you can’t roll out that phrase every broadcast and expect it to be funny. And Beady Eyes Ellis’s downfall is he spews the same recycled “insight” you hear 24/7 on sports talks and makes it seem like its an original thought. Comes off so douchey.

  42. Lol at Rob Ellis. he so desperately wants to be a B-list celebrity in this city, and fails miserably. he’s the worst

    looks awful and schlubby, mediocre voice, mediocre talent. he belongs off TV and radio. go back to producing.

  43. R.I.P. Now can they PLEASE bring back the 30-minute Sportsnet Central!!! And while they’re at it, re-brand it back to SportsNite and SportsRise.

  44. ROB backwards is BOR.

    They are replacing BOB with a show starring Hollis Thomas and Hugh Douglas named “STUTTERING ON BEAT – UP PROSTITUTES”

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