CBS Radio Has Merged With A Local Company

CBS Radio, which owns WIP and other local stations, will merge with Bala Cynwyd-based Entercom, which, as best as I can tell, doesn’t own any local stations.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The transaction will create a sector giant with a nationwide footprint of 244 stations, including 23 of the top 25 U.S. markets, as well as digital capabilities and a growing events platform.

CBS Radio owns 117 radio stations in 26 markets, including all of the top 10 radio markets as ranked by Nielsen Audio. Philadelphia-based Entercom is the fourth-largest radio company in the U.S. with 127 stations in 27 top markets. The combined company’s pro forma revenue on a 12-months basis is approximately $1.7 billion, which would make it the second-largest radio station owner in the U.S., the firms said.

And from the Philly Business Journal:

In summer 2015, as CBS Radio announced several job cuts around the country that included numerous well-known local on-air personalities, key executives and sales team members, rumors began to surface that the network was looking for a buyer. Moonves said the radio division was up for sale early last year but then the company said it would spin it off via an IPO. Those plans were apparently scrapped due to talks with Entercom.

There’s a lot of financial and shareholder information in the reporting, but nothing as it pertains to WIP. What, if anything, it means is unclear. But maestro will dust himself off and begin poking around.


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  1. When a show, be it TV or radio has a “takeover”show where you, the viewer/listener can submit ideas ….well, you know it’s all over btr the crying by that pt. I laughed hysterically she BOB rolled out “takeover tuesday”. In other words: were out of ideas.

    Meanwhile, Jillian has gone silent on social media. An aging, fading bottle blond that applies makeup like joint compound and comes off as an uptight be-arch. I know she got a security guard fired down at CSN studios. Must be looking in mirror taking it hard.

    1. Rhea has the worst ears. Satellite dishes sticking out. Hope all 3 of her hubbies grabbed them suckers and pull when she’s sucking on her knees

    2. Maestro? Kyle is living in the past. He’s like MJ on the Wizards thinking he still has 96-98 MJ skills. Dude without the ratings which were provided to you by the Fanatic and which you haven’t posted in 6 months you’re cooked. Hope that one Dwayne from Swedesboro story was worth the burned bridge. Ratings Wars came with a guaranteed 100+ comments. You’re lucky to get 20+ on some of the trash you’ve posted recently.


  2. Hey Kyle, When are you going to get someone in the NFL to retire and work for this blog?

  3. Kyle man, this site is dying a painful death lately. Put just a bit of effort into it, will ya? Christ.

  4. Get those fucking radio wars numbers and return CB to relevance.

  5. Hopefully, this means that those no talent hacks like Cataldi and Rhea get their asses fired. Rhea must have been on knees for years to keep that job.

  6. But the good news she didn’t see her shadow walking into CSN studios. This means an early Spring.

  7. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the story comparing the sale of the two stations with Kyle’s unabashed bias as to how this worked out better for The Fanatic?

    (I personally don’t know who is now in better shape, but you can bet Kyle will paint a rosy picture for 97.5, and a gloomy one for 94)

  8. Another solid effort by the midday show with today’s topic. Guess no one told them Mike did the exact topic yesterday. But it is a Rob Ellis run show so I guess we should expect zero creativity

  9. 94.1 can’t lose now, they have Decamara at mid day. So, now he can say the lines are open and then talk for 45 minutes without taking a call during the day.

  10. Anyone else remember a couple years ago at Fantasy Fest when Brace was the drunk hype man for the event and he went crazy all day for the station and then they canned him? Always thought he was terrible at his job but they should have just moved him to late night.

    1. I remember hearing the story, but the real story is why would anyone go to Fantasy Fest.

        1. Jen Daniels’ upper arms grew to be so big that she could no longer fit through the front door at the Wells Fargo Center.

          She was thusly terminated.

  11. Not for nothing but you don’t spin off via an IPO, those are two separate transactions. A spin off is a spin off, an IPO is a privately held company going public for the first time, shareholders of the parent company are distributed shares of the spun off entity.

    1. You can spin off a portion of your company for an IPO. Expedia spun-off Trivago and they IPOed in December.

  12. How can Morganti stand working with those 2 dumb fucks? No wonder he falls asleep for most of the show.

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