Donovan McNabb was on First Take today (maybe he’s on it every day?), and I saved you the pain of watching shit TV and shall just bring you the notable narcissism:

To his credit – after again reiterating that T.O. was a locker room cancer – McNabb did set personal differences aside and said that T.O. absolutely belongs in the Hall of Fame. But he just couldn’t stop himself from injecting himself into the story and acting like anyone – in Philly or otherwise – still gives a shit about his differences with T.O. No, Don, there will not be a 30 for 30 about your personal squabbles with him. If there’s any long form documentary coming out of the Andy Reid era, it will be the historically underachieving habits of the second-best team of the decade torching its way through regular seasons and then continually getting embarrassed in the playoffs, with the T.O. flameout a brief footnote to the whole saga, mostly because him doing pushups in his driveway was delightful.