Here’s Carson Wentz Smoking People with a Football

Did you expect Carson Wentz to just stay home during Super Bowl week? What was he gonna do, go hunting? Actually, yeah. But that’s what he was doing on Good Morning Football today, gunning a spiral at fatheads of Peter Schrager:

There’s a child-like joy that comes out of watching someone just absolutely smoke someone with a ball. The cannon. The reaction. The sound. There should be five more dudes Wentz needs to decapitate here, but this still hits that spot.


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      1. I am a bigga spicy a meataball. I love Pizza Boxes with mustachioed Italian guys in a chef’s hat spinning pizzas.

    1. WING BOWL 5
      Date: 1/24/1997
      Location: The Electric Factory
      Winner: Eric “Gentleman E” Biehl
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      WING BOWL 6
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      Location: The Spectrum
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      WING BOWL 7
      Date: 1/29/1999
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  1. Turned on cuz this morning and he was acting like a school girl for his interview with Wentz tomorrow

  2. Wentz to TO, good for 10 wins next year. Book it!

  3. Where’s the innumerable sixers posts? A few losses deter you faegalas?

    1. They should just replay Mikes show from yesterday considering it’s the exact same topic. No wonder that shit hole of a TV show got canned.

  4. Or are you guys still afraid to see a woman’s tits?

  5. 09:11; Mig veietlrgen var inte LCHF allmänt känt på 80- och 90-talet, och får jag besök av någon som håller den dieten hoppas jag på att bli informerad i förväg.

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