How Much You Think It Burns the Loins of Marcus Hayes That We’re the Top Story on Right Now?

Rob Tornoe writing about our newest addition, Leslie Gudel:

Her first piece seemed to balance Gudel’s reporting sensibilities with Crossing Broad’s outside-the-box coverage of Philadelphia sports. The veteran reporter interviewed Phillies outfielder Howie Kendrick, but chose to get to know him through the prism of his interesting and sometimes insightful Instagram profile.

“This might seem like a curious addition given the tone of the site — and it is — but I think we can continue to be our usual snarky selves while at the same time incorporating some more traditional reporting,” said Scott, who launched the growing, and often profane, sports blog seven years ago and now employs one full-time staffer, Jim Adair, and several paid contributors.

Often profane sports blog. You might think that this is where I would take the low hanging fruit and sarcastically write something like “fuck that” or “what a bullshit description.” But nope. I won’t feed the perception.

You can read the full thing here. The Takeover 2.0 continues.

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91 Responses

    1. ….to have work that she obviously put some though and effort into, be posted right alongside the dreck and slop that Jimbo churns out. hahahaa.

      It’s like an Exec with a corner office on the 85th floor now working in the mail room. They take one look at the loser beside them and see Jim licking loading up the mail cart for the AM deliveries. Seriously, you’d probably want to head up to the roof and jump if you took one look at Jim and realized how far you’ve fallen in life.

      If I was her, I’d rather write for the Daily Local News before this place. hahaha

      1. I actually don’t mind her and liked her phils coverage on csn. Amazing the phils couldn’t throw her a bone like they did with Greg Murphy and Scott palmer .

    1. Kyle has never been known to take the good with the bad. Any kind of “Comment Section” censorship is a bad thing. The most outrageous and offensive posts are usually ignored, so there isn’t much reason for Kyle to remove them. Do I need to remind you all of the deleted comments regarding Kyles gym shorts bulge?

      1. Soooo Leslie is too weak to handle the comment section?
        Sounds to me like Kyle is a misogynist pig who thinks women are inferior.

        Whats next Lib-Tard? Blacks aren’t capable of making it on their own with out welfare?

        1. You guys!!! stop!!!! blacks have been mistreated in this country for sooo long. Its only fair that we give back to their communities…. just look at SouthSide Chicago you guyssss!!!!! I mean come on!!!!

  1. I dont think Marcus Hayes gives two shits about where you are on but If he does, I feel pretty sorry for him

    1. I don’t read Marcus Hayes and think that he is a hack. But he sees himself as a Big J journalist and doesn’t care about or know anything about

  2. He must make next to nothing. And Lil Robbie is really pushing his “I’m tough” act today. Sorry dude your like 5’8 and 150 pounds soaking wet, no one thinks you are tough.

    1. He’s on the morning show, the midday show, the drive time show, the 6-7pm show before the Sixers and Flyers. Saturday and Sunday, he could be doing 10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm. It’s a joke. Doesn’t anyone who works at the station want a shift.

  3. The same website that literally has a BuZzfeed…fucking buzzfeed!…article right below “your” Article. You should be so proud.

  4. Kyle’s complete lack of self-awareness is endlessly entertaining

  5. Prevents him from realizing that this site is a joke and people only visit to talk shit in the comments. No one outside of his immediate family takes this site seriously.

  6. And that should tell you all you need to know about what people think of this site.

  7. Yankees fan here but even in NY we heard about the famous Leslie gudel and knew how special shewas. Such a shame she has sunk so low

  8. How dare they rip Sonny Hill on the comments section?! The man is a radio GOD! People, Sonny was friends with Wilt! WIIIIIIILLLTTT!

  9. I thought Leslie’s first piece was interesting and well done. It was a fresh approach and well executed.

    Nice work, CB. I’ll be checking back to read more of her contributions.

  10. Whoa, is this for real? This is a nice get, Kyle. I think I speak for every man between, say, 28 and 40, when I say that Leslie was an important part of our youth. And maybe younger than 28, if they were into that kind of thing.

    It’ll probably crash and burn like most of your hires but it’s a damn fine opportunity to take advantage of. In a manner of speaking.

  11. Lesile G would never step foot in this key board gangsta cesspool of Philly blog sites. Fake news and alternative facts. It ain’t happening.

  12. Hello, my name is Rob Tornoe and I work for an organization called Media Matters, funded by the same guy that funds Black Lives Matter, George Soros.

    Google me, Rob Tornoe, and my fellow media members at You will be surprised who we really work for.

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