Jah Forgot to Take His Shirt Off Last Night

Now that Jah has started wearing a short-sleeve compression shirt under his jersey, I totally get accidentally leaving the shooting shirt on.

Maybe he would have been better off leaving it on, since he, Noel, and Holmes combined to make Salah Mejri – who? Exactly. – look like Wilt Fucking Chamberlain.


6 Responses

    1. “He’s black”?

      Are you saying he doesn’t have “the necessities” to know when and when not to wear t-shirts?

  1. There are only two local teams currently playing, moron!

    So when all there is of course there is gonna be a lot of 76ers boards.

    Are you actually pushing for more Flyers stuff? If you are then you must want Crossing Broad to go out of business.

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