UPDATE: Joel Embiid Is Out Indefinitely and Ben Simmons Had a Minor Procedure

Is it just me or do the Sixers have the worst medical staff in sports? They have single-handedly recalibrated the expectation for setbacks in minor lower limb injuries. SWELLNESS.


Side note: The Sixers apparently learned their lesson. Out indefinitely is phrasing Bryan Colangelo specifically mentioned on Friday that he should’ve used earlier with regard to Embiid.

UPDATE: Here’s the full press release– Embiid was injured “following training progression”:

JOEL EMBIID: Embiid presented with swelling and soreness in his left knee following training progression in recent days. Based on this new information, Embiid will now be listed as out indefinitely. He is scheduled to undergo an MRI this afternoon to further assess his status.

BEN SIMMONS: This morning Simmons underwent a minor procedure during which bone marrow was injected into the affected fracture site in order to stimulate bone growth and accelerate healing. He is likely to resume normal training by the end of the week.

JERRYD BAYLESS: Bayless is now three months removed from left wrist surgery, during which time the site has been immobilized. He is scheduled to have his cast removed next week, at which point he will begin targeted wrist therapy and rehabilitation.

TIAGO SPLITTER: Splitter remains out indefinitely while he receives treatment related to his right calf strain.

If one gets re-injured following rehab training, isn’t that 100% on the medical staff?

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27 Responses

  1. I blame it on Camden. What happened to state of the art training center and staff? Every player that drives over that bridge ends up injured.

  2. You’ve seen the last of Embiid this year. No worries, year 5 of the process is next year! What could go wrong?

      1. No, it was a FB block. Kinda embarrassed him publicly during a head coach debate for the Eagles. And he really is a poorly aging middle age dude making mid 50s. Every night that he doesn’t take a swan dive off the Walt Whitman is a victory for him.

  3. They might lose enough games to force the Lakers out of the third spot which would give the Sixers the 3rd and 4th pick in the 2017 draft. Philly will be a monster next season with Embiid and Simmons healthy.

    1. At this point, do you really think that Embiid will ever be healthy enough. Simmons too for that matter?

  4. Why are you acting like this is a surprise? They’re tanking because once they realized Simmons was out, they had no chance to do anything. Embiid is just an excuse to tank, therefore they’re just saying he’s injured to keep him out. Don’t be surprised if Okafor gets “injured” before the year is out

  5. Jesus Christ, they’re trying to tank against a bunch of other teams that are tanking as well. You know how hard that is? Get off their backs and stop bringing unnecessary attention to it. We need a guard, a top five pick. We’re fighting with about 12 teams here.

  6. Read my post from a few days ago here where I broke the news Embid was out for the season!

    Only thing 76ers didn’t report, as per my previous statement, was that Embid will have surgery soon to repair the partial tear in the Meniscus and to do some general clean up work.

    Expected recovery time is two to three months if all goes well.

    1. You are a fraud, trading on my stellar reputation.

      I swear to God I’ll leave this board permanently if this doesn’t stop!

  7. Lastly, this has nothing to do with tanking.

    Joel has a legitimate injury that requires surgery.

    1. A minor meniscus tear does not require surgery and can be played through, and delt with in the off season. They are taking this approach to improve draft position.

  8. It’s just like Rocky III,

    The Sixers lost their tanking spirit. They thought they could actually compete. But then they realized that wasn’t their nature. So it is back to tanking for draft picks for injured players.

    It’s the eye of the tanker, the thrill of the fight, playing down to the challenge of our rival, starting 4 unknown players every night, and only fools still watching the Eye of the Tanker!

  9. Hey, remember that twitter video of Emiid saying goodbye to Noel in the middle of shooting on the practice floor **IN BARE FEET**?!?

    Yeah, I’m sure that’s totally the best way to keep a sketchy knee cushioned and supported. (And let’s not even talk about the stupidity of doing that after being out for two years due to a foot fracture…)

    1. Dude he’s from Cameroon. He didn’t see his first pair of shoes till he was 14.

  10. So when will the NBA step in to remove this group of dopes? At least Hinkie was straight forward about it. This fuckmookery knows no bounds.

  11. We are all fool’s. Mom was right. She told me first Trish and called you a cow!

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