Mike Missanelli Will Reportedly Be out a Few More Weeks While Recovering from Back Surgery

Credit to Rob Tornoe– he beat on finding out the deal with Mike Missanelli:

According to sources at the station, Missanelli underwent major back surgery in December. Despite a recovery time of typically 6 to 8 weeks, Missanelli returned to the station in late January, but only made his back worse after about two weeks on the air.

Sources say they expect Missanelli to return to the station sometime in March. Until then, Jason Myrtetus will continue to fill in alongside midday co-host Harry Mayes.

I reached out to Mike to see how he’s doing, but didn’t hear back right away. I’ll update the post if I do.

According to my Twitter mentions and comments, people like what they hear from Myrtetus and Mayes. And it’s not like Missanelli’s absence in December hurt ratings at all– Chris Carlin and Ike Reese on WIP were still getting doubled by 97.5’s B team.

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70 Responses

    1. I hope Mike Miss OD’s. Nothing worst than a left wing moron spewing his hypocritical and condescending view on the races, while pandering to the real racists that are a cancer to our society. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  1. Seriously there is no one worse than Ike Reese on the air. Someone please tell me how he hosts an afternoon, drive time slot in one of the biggest sports towns in America. It’s really embarrassing.

      1. That seriously has to be it.

        WIP is in big trouble. I cannot see either show from 10-6 talking anything but Eagles, I can’t imagine Ritchie and Decamara talking about anything else. Granted, baseball in this town is currently dead but my god, there’s only so much draft talk people can take.

    1. I literally can’t even turn the two of them on. Call Josh Innes’ knowledge or lack of interest in sports for what it was, but at least he was entertaining. If I have to hear Carlin say “Triple 8” one more time when giving out the number, I’m going to drive off a bridge. Hack.

      1. Completely agree, say what you will about innes but his show was fresh. Carlin and Ike are brutal they argue everyday about stupid shit like is wentz potential a 7 or 8 it’s ridiculous. And they have this commercial your place for sixers talk, with whom? Ike, Jon Ritchie?

  2. heard he’s in a facility in Florida getting treatment for his pill addiction. I wish him the best on the road to recovery

  3. 97.5 should have trolled WIP by pairing Ellis with Myrtetus. Imagine having your second best time slot get beaten by that annoying duo.

    1. Dad, can I come live with you and your “other” family?

  4. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious Mike’s in rehab. They easily could prop a mic over his bed and he could do an hour or call in occasionally but you won’t get a response, Kyle, because you surrender your cell phone while in rehab.

  5. I know must people rip MM on these comment boards but he’s def good at what he does. With that said, Myrtetus and Mayes are more entertaining. They may not have the same knowledge depth (MM is much older) but they make for much better radio.

    Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrry is the man. His show w/ Bruno was the best show on either station in the last ten years. He and Myrtetus would destroy Carlin & Reese full-time and I’d bet they’d give MM a run for his money if they somehow ever went H2H.

    I wouldn’t mind hanging out in Natalie Egenolf’s fart box.

    1. Missanelli is a rabble rouser just like Angelo and Eskin. So he maybe good at what he does, but he brings a more low brow crowd who just want to argue and complain.

      I don’t listen to these guys because they are phony and just want to get the callers all ginned up. I would rather listen to a guy like Didinger who is gives an honest opinion and isn’t trying to act like Skip Bayless just to get a rise out of people. No doubt that Angelo, Eskin and Missanelli have their diehard fans, but they are usually idiots who are the biggest fair weather fans (for example they probably LOVED Chip Kelly after his first season, and now think he is the worst Head Coach in the history of the NFL).

  6. Jason and Harry are funny together. Harry sounds more like the old Harry. Ellis really sucks the fun out of middays and Harry is stuck with it.

  7. This is the first time I have listening to an afternoon shift on WIP or 97.5 in years. I stopped listening to Missanelli a long time ago as he is just a pompous a**. I could never listen to Innes, and Ike Reese and whoever he is matched up with now are terrible.

    Harry and Jason work well together because they can talk about all 4 Pro Teams here (unlike most shows where the host doesn’t have much knowledge other then Eagles talk). The worst thing to happen to Philly Sports Talk Radio is they decided to talk Eagles 24/7 and it just got old real quick to the point where I didn’t want to even talk about my beloved Birds. What happened is the only people who stuck around and called were Eagles Only fans so people like me listened to something else on radio. But it’s nice to hear Embiid talk, Okafor trade talk, should they trade Giroux, etc. Mix it up guys, nobody wants to talk about the Eagles 365 days a year!

    1. Philly Sports radio is so provincial that it ends up being uninteresting to someone who actually likes sports. Obviously they should focus and spend most of their time talking Philly sports, but the hosts and callers have ZERO knowledge about anything outside of Philly. Why not discuss the NCAA Football Championship game, which was awesome? Or the World Series, which was historic? It is just lowest common denominator shit that devolves into all Eagles talk and, now, all Sixers talk. Dumb. I gave up on it and listen to sports podcasts now.

  8. Harry, Jason and Natalie is a better show than Mike, Jason and Natalie. Just works better, more fun, less obnoxious. If Mike comes back, pair him with Cuz in the mornings, might breathe some life into that listless show.

  9. “Credit to Rob Tornoe– he beat on finding out the deal with Mike Missanelli:”

    …he beat?
    beat whom?

    Do you even read your posts before you hit the submit button?

  10. even I think Jason and Harry are great together. anybody have a problem with that? call me and I’ll show you how tough I am!

  11. Eytan tries too hard when he is on with cuz.
    Baldy is awful. So mad he got suspended from the NFL network, now he is on 97.5 way too much.

    1. It’s worse listening to Gargano smacking his lips over whatever fried food they put in front of him that morning to get him to come to work.
      It’s either that or listen to a 65 year old man drool over a girl that could be his granddaughter. Podcast it is…

  12. Hey Kyle,

    I forgot to give you credit yesterday. I rather visit here than bleacher report due to their annoying ass videos, when I simply want to read, and ridiculous load times. Even my brand new surface pro on top notch wifi fights that waste of space.

    Also, you have the balls to keep a comment section with the trolls fighting to drag you under.

  13. Haven’t listened to this shoob in years. If I want to see 60-year-olds try to look young I would watch the comedy of Dan Nainan.

  14. Obviously this is a cover for his rehab stint. I noticed he has not even called into the program once which is clear cut sign that he is not sitting around his house and “recovering”. When you go to rehab, they have you cut all contact to everyone and everything for typically 60 days which fits this timeline perfectly. Hope the guy gets clean.

  15. The state of Philly radio is terrible.. MM sucks, WIP pretty much is unlistenable altogether until 6pm when I don’t listen anymore. Why did they put Richey with Decamera.. Decamera is better by himself or pair him with Marks.

  16. And I’m not talking about Josh. I’m talking about the current duo of Chris and Ike. But they have to ask themselves how many contracts do they want to pay-off. It’s like a pro football team getting a new coach every couple of years. I think Chris and Ike got two year contracts.

  17. Actually I heard he is in therapy because his soft weak liberal a$$ can’t handle seeing Italian chefs on pizza boxes, Chinese writing on take-out food and pictures of Irishman drinking beer on bottles.

    Apparently his brain overloaded on all his PC crap and he is now in recovery.

  18. Is gargano really bang in McW? Is mike really in rehab? Anyone have any dirt on any of these radio host? Real dirt?

    1. Why don’t you stick your tongue in Gargano’s ass crack if you want some ‘dirt’…..’real dirt’.
      And learn fucking english you fucking moron.

  19. The cuz is dynamic on that morning show! – and the b and c line is some of the most revolutionary radio content I’ve ever heard!

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