Report: Ben Simmons Isn’t Fully Healed, Which Would Make The Sixers Full of Shit

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Keith Pompey, doing stuff:

Now we have a better idea why Ben Simmons hasn’t played yet for the 76ers.

The first overall pick in last summer’s draft is scheduled to visit the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York as early as Monday to determine if his right foot is fully healed, according to multiple sources.

Sources said that a foot scan on Jan. 23 showed that his foot was not fully healed.

Simmons suffered a Jones fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot on Sept. 30, the final day of training camp. The January doctor’s visit revealed an inside portion of the bone wasn’t fully mended, according to sources.


Stop me if this sounds like Bynum’s knee which sounded like Joel Embiid’s foot, which had “less healing than anticipated” before he actually re-broke and needed surgery again and missed the entire 2015-2016 season.

A day after Simmons’ scan on January 23, the Sixers said…

 As expected. It was expected to be a 2-3 month injury. The Sixers tweeted this in month four. One would expect that his foot would’ve been healed by then.

If Pompey’s report is accurate, the Sixers have a whole lot of explaining to do.

UPDATE: An even more unambiguous statement was on the Sixers’ website:

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45 Responses

          1. In addition to the season ending injuries of prospects, the best tanking asset the sixers have is Jahlil Okafor. Play that motherfucker major minutes to disguise the tank!

    1. Seriously. Who cares at this point? Get a better pick in a very deep draft for guards. Get embiid and Simmons 100% healthy and begin the run next year. No reason to rush him

  1. No explanation necessary. The moron Processors will spin this as a positive. “More tank, better pick.” They will continue to allow the ownership to p@ss on them while they convince themselves it’s rain.

    1. It’s not a positive, but it’s not a big deal if he sits. BS that they lied but at this point what the fuck does it matter?

      And the process worked you stupid fuck….

  2. Pretty simple really. They don’t want to risk any more injury this year by playing them. But because of ticket sales for next season, they are going to keep stringing along the fan base into thinking that all is good for next year. Think about it, if they come out and say he’ll need another surgery, what would that do to ticket sales next season. Add in the fact they want to raise prices. Who in their right mind would pay more for a product that may or may not include Simmons?

      1. It might. We didn’t think it would impact him playing this year. These injuries are tricky. And if I am a season ticket holder, I am waiting until he plays this year before I renew for next season at a more expensive rate.

  3. These injuries are slow healing. I jacked up my middle metatarsal over a year ago. And it had my whole right leg jacked the fuq up. I’m like 99% healed now, but 4 months in I was still very much fuqed.
    So this news does not surprise my one ioata

    1. And what professional basketball team and medical professionals were working to rehab your broken foot everyday?

    2. Mickey Mannequin part deux.

      Now we know why You talk so much about Sports Talk Radio you had plenty of time recovering to sit in your parents basement and listen to terrestrial radio you fucking loser.

      1. Damn, beat me to the Mickey Mannequin line…. thing is, Mickey was smart enough to know we would rip everything he posted. This twat is not.

    3. I knew Mickey Mannequin. And you sir, are no Mickey Mannequin. You are an insufferable douche, though.

  4. Simmons had all kinds of issues in Summer League. Cramping up , sucking wind, rolling ankles. Him and Embiid are both injury prone spazzes from what I can see.


  5. And yet immediately following this story on the website is your shilling of “Trust the Process” shirts.

  6. First off Fuck these lying scumbags, but more importantly every single member of the sixers medical staff and any1 who advised them or makes decisions about injuries most be fire immediately. There is no way that 5 supreme athletes in Bynum, Simmons, Embiid, Bayless, and Okafor just so happen to take months upon months longer to heal from injuries then the most pessemistic timeline for everyone else in the world. It’s impossible. It’s not a Coiencedence. They are doing something extremely wrong in their rehabbing of players. It’s seem like they are taking this sports science shit, throwing unproven theories against the wall, and forcing them upon players. Just like Chip Kelly and his let’s run the players into the ground all week long bc the numbers say it will work. Yeah Chip they might be able to run longer but they have no energy to do it. They are mentally and physically drained and no amount of endurance is gonna fix that. Every week after the Eagles crapped the bed he talks about execution like it was a shock or something. OF COURSE THEY ARENT GOING TO EXECUTE CRISPLY! THEYVE BEEN RUNNING A NON STOP 6 MONTH LONG MARATHON! I’m not saying sports science shouldn’t be used. It should, but only if it’s right. Obviously Chip Kelly was using the formula that worked on a 100 man roster not 63. The sixers obviously are doing something extremely wrong rehabbing players. Which we should have figured out when after his second foot injury Embiid said hell no I’m rehabbing in an entirely different country then you. We should have got the hint then. Embiid only got better when he went to Africa or where ever he went for rehab and once again is struggling to heal under the sixers. If I’m Simmons or Embiid’s agent I’m telling Colangelo that my client is not rehabbing another day under only the sixers care and that they will only show up if they agree to allow then to have their own physician present at all times.

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