The Sixers’ White Out Did Not Go Well Last Night

pic from (@dryan32)

We were FAKE NEWS yesterday when we posted that the Sixers just recently decided to add a t-shirt giveaway to an already sold out game in a pricing tier all its own last night. What confused us was the fact that the Sixers sent out a press release reminder for the rather routine event (free t-shirt giveaway, theme night), which is not typical. The shirts were white – the Sixers originally encouraged everyone to wear blue to the game – and were meant to create a white out atmosphere, perhaps to combat all the blue and gold of real and bandwagon Warriors fans (again, the Sixers encouraged everyone to wear blue to this game when their promotion schedule was released). How did it go? NOT WELL:

USATSI_9905243_168380803_lowres USATSI_9904999_168380803_lowres

Photo credits: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Not only did the white out not work, but I can’t even find a single row of people wearing all white.

Side note: To be fair, Villanova tried this for the Virginia game a few weeks ago– they didn’t do much better, but they also didn’t give out 20,000 free t-shirts.

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28 Responses

        1. No, but I gave and got head @ Adonis Cinema on 20th & Samson st.
          And no, I didn’t swallow I spit.

  1. Saw some old nerdy white lady at the game last night dancing all goofy trying to go viral. Made me sick

  2. Hey cuz, what if next christmas instead of saying ho ho ho we say jo jo jo instead?

    The cuz: Ahhh that’s classicccccc! Jo jo jo!!!! Ahhhhh…swat swat!! Bro play the music!!!

  3. I was at the game last night and prior to the tip, they had the blue dog rappel from the rafters and then some guy was yelling into the mic “put the shirts on”…”put the white shirts on”. I actually thought it a bit odd that they were yelling at the fans to put the cheap (XL…always XL) shirts on. It didn’t occur to me that they were attempting a “white out”. I also didn’t understand why free shirts would be necessary at an already sold out game. The Sixers owners are a bunch of jokers, one can only hope they figure it out one of these years.

  4. I just got done watching the old NBA superstars video on YouTube. Ya know what, I’m changing my tune.

    Fuck the NBA, Fuck the sixers ownership, and Fck the sixes management.

  5. i saw a full row of people wearing white….they were the row that won a free pizza or something…

  6. Anyone notice Molly a little more made up than usual and was also rocking a very low cut top last night.

    Wonder if this is Molly taking the lead or Comcast?

    1. That’s what all talking heads wear. Molly not only talks head she gives head

  7. Eat a bag of dicks you scumbag, Scott O’Neil. Maybe they’ll fire all of the HR and Marketing staff again this offseason they hired 3 years ago to hire desperate college grades to save 5%.

  8. Another FAILURE by the second worst organization in all of sports.

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