Tattoos are touchy. On one hand, each one is personal and private to the owner – whether they be meaningful, stupid, somewhere in between, or in close proximity to the taint. On the other, you’re walking around with an outward expression of something you’re gonna have to stand behind for the rest of your life (or at least happily brush off as an experience). The tattoo above, with Donald Trump as the Eagles logo, is gonna be a hard one to justify.

The design comes from a 2015 Uproxx post of all the NFL logos made into Donald Trump. It’s also not the best interpretation of it:

eagles trump tattoo

The tat is a little more Louie Anderson than the Commander in Chief. Additionally, it’s just a hard sell. Same with Bernie Sanders as the Phillie Phanatic or George W. Bush as Phil E. Moose, you’re going to have a rough time convincing people this was a good idea. If you wear it with pride and confidence, more power to ya. But if that’s the case, you can also handle us saying this: This is easily the worst Eagles tattoo we’ve ever seen.