This Sign Wins The Comcast Trump Protest, and It’s Not Even Close

Shit’s about to get real now. It’s all well and good when a bunch of college students and soccer moms take to the streets, but when the employees of the planet’s largest media conglomerate all decide to walk out and presumably further lengthen hold times… well, that’s not going to fly. I can only assume that Brian Roberts is one of the 10-12 people on Earth – along with the Koch brothers, Warren Buffet and Steve Harvey – who has the power to make precisely one phone call to remove a world leader from power. Hello, yes, Bahrain? The king is blocking our efforts to pipe in broadband to huts along the Arabian. You know what to do. He might have a tougher time in Soviet America, but enough days of this and the secret cabals are going to start meeting. After all, Roberts has a new building to pay for.


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    1. These scumbags are the worst company, with the worst employees.
      Now, they add complete stupidity to the equation.

      Hey Afghan Comcast guy-
      We don’t care.
      You’re contributions are not worth the risks that the people from your region present America.
      All of you should stay and improve you own country, instead of fleeing like rats from a sinking ship.

  1. Sorry, i had to quit the protest.
    Starbucks opened up and i needed a java!
    Plus Kyle promised me a rubdown and a rubup!

    1. No one cares about the radio ratings.
      Maybe Kyle can find out how many newspapers were sold last quarter?

    2. Ratings are bad. Do you listen to that crap? Do you know anybody that does? The end times of terrestrial sports talk radio are upon us.

  2. guaranteed that sand niger terrorist from afghanistan works in customer service and is one of those people telling you to unplug your cable box for ten seconds

  3. if all of those fucks have good background checks and came here legally then they have nothing to worry about.

      1. I find all of the protests incredibly entertaining.. Then kick back and watch MSNBC whinning a lot.. I was always pretty liberal but I have to say that I am becoming more conservative by the day. Interesting thing is, all the protests are on the coasts. Most of America loves Trump and what he is doing.. oh, and CB commenters can SMD.

  4. These people are morons. Explain to me what walking out of your job has to do with the president? Save it for your personal time. The last generation really did do a bad job of raising their children with coping skills. Kicking and screaming is their reaction to everything they don’t like.

    1. Yea, remember them clowns dumped all of that tea into Boston Harbor!!!

      What were they thinking? What was the point of all that nonsense?

      1. Right, because those two things are exactly alike. I remember reading about how they tossed the tea after seeing the voting results. Oh, that’s right, they were fighting to gain the right for representation, and most of these people who were able to vote in November (in part due to that incident) sat at home on their ass and [email protected] on social media instead.

        1. Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million people.
          So people did go out and vote.
          A vote in Nebraska is more valuable than a vote in California.

          1. Congratulations, she gets a participation trophy. Everyone knew the rules beforehand. But the answer is still no, a large portion of the population did not vote, and that includes many that now want to whine and protest. If they cared as much back then things would be different now.

          2. Well, America is governed by the votes of United STATES, and not the popular vote.
            Funny how liberals continue to prove how racist, juvenile, and just plain stupid they are.

          3. het nitwit,those votes were mainly from LA & NY,liberal states,but i don’t hear you libtards commenting on the blue states that trump turned red,get over it,that old bitch lost,according to the constitution!

      2. They were protesting being taxed by the British Parliament who they felt did not represent them because they were not elected by the people here.

        1. People are upset because they feel that the Electoral College doesn’t represent them.

          1. Everyone was represented by their Electoral College.
            These stupid liberals can’t comprehend that the rest of the STATES have a vote in the election as well.

          2. Only the Clinton supporters are upset.
            Upset because they didn’t ‘get the vote out’ in states that Hillary Clinton’s campaign took for granted, that
            Trump won and it cost her the election.
            They fucked up because they way they ran their campaign.
            And the pollsters fucked up with their predictions.

            Now they can’t have their way and they are crying about it.
            Did you see protests when Obama won his 2 terms?

  5. If they only had put some of that energy into actually showing up to vote on election day then maybe the election would have swung the other way.

  6. Another day, another protest. Ho hum.

    Losers. They are accomplishing nothing.

  7. Whaaa! I’m really sick of all these whining asses making fools of themselves and crying because they didn’t get their way! Why don’t they hold their breath and stomp their feet? What a bunch of fuckin’pussys!

  8. Fucking cry baby losers. So glad I cut my Comcast cord months ago.

    1. Why do you hate the protesters?

      Because they make your mom late when she comes home from work? So you have to wait an extra 15 minutes for your Hot Pockets?

      1. we hate liberal fool protestors becauset they are mostly dumb losers….liberals are upset because they cheated like dogs they are and still lost due to their own incompetence…….now the adults are in charge….watch and learn liberal fool

        1. That still doesn’t make sense.

          If you win why would you care what the losers have to say?

          And what is your proof that liberals cheated like dogs?

          1. Its not a question of why we would care what the losers have to say.
            Its a question of having the same lame bullshit protesting crap spread across the news 24/7

            Its like listening to WIP and 97.5 and they get ahold of some bullshit story like shady mccoy and him
            not leaving a tip and they GRIND GRIND GRIND it into the ground by talking about it on every show, every shift
            every day for weeks.

            The DNC shafted Bernie Sanders in favor of Clinton.

          2. You snowflakes are so sensitive.

            Whine, whine, whine. They are showing something on the news I don’t like, Whine Whine whine.

  9. Feel so sorry for these protestors. They should have contacted “Mike” from customer service who would announce their last names wrong while saying “I understand that your frustrated. Please hold” and transfer them to “Amy”.

  10. Hope these fuckers were docked this time from their paychecks. Total waste of company time.

  11. Kyle, did you do any research on this to learn whom the employees were… lol they aren’t the customer service employees. Lazy Hack!!

  12. comcast is a run by liberal a-holes…burned that they gave hag hillary all that money and she still lost….thats why the employees walked out….they know that mgmt looks favorably on liberal activism……look at the anti trump drivel that SNL has become…comcast owns NBC.

    I advise everyone to unplug and drop those friggin liberal fools and teach these aholes a lesson.

  13. I think some commenters are missing the point. These protests are not focused on the election results, per se. They are focused on the fact that the sitting president is enacting policies that the protestors feel are unconstitutional and inconsistent with American values. The goal is to change the lresident’s mind, not invalidate the election. If The only person obsessed with the voting results is, ironically, Trump himself.

    People care deeply about certain issues, particularly the immigration ban that has the whole world in shock, and since Congress appears to be giving Trump a rubber stamp right now, protests are the best and only way for people to send a message that they feel strongly.

    If you think the ban is a good idea, fine. Many people disagree. Let them have their voice and when you want to protest something you care about, exercise your right. If these protests didn’t directly harm you, either (a) stop complaining or attacking your fellow concerned voter who is exercising their freedom of speech, or (b) stop for a moment and listen to what they are actually saying. You might learn more about your fellow citizen.

    1. If its unconstitutional, bring a lawsuit and challenge it in court.

      Don’t bitch and whine against it and burn down buildings and loot because of it.

      Obama reign saw multiple instances of rejecting muslims…coming direct from Obama himself.
      Where were the protests them?
      They protest against Trump for it, but nor Obama?
      Please explain that!

      Your argument falls flat.

      1. Not arguing, except you just proved my point. Why are you so upset at protests?

        Since you are an expert, I’m sure you would agree that there is no comparison between the limited restriction Obama imimented to address a very specific threat and the blanket ban Trump just implemented for no reason except to fire up his nationalist base. There is no intel. There is not even a logic behind the countries he picked. (If there is, please explain, nobody else has been able to) If you do even a small amount of research you know it’s true, but if you want to just regurgitate what Infowars tells you, take comfort in that. If you are not winning any arguments.

        Also, there have been lawsuits filed and won. The ban is halted. So should everyone go home?

        Whoever you are, please stop looking at politics like you are rooting for a sports team. This is an international crisis to address a hypothetical threat. People are mad. Your tea party buddies had a rally a few years back and nobody stopped them. It’s part of what makes our country great.

        Why do conservatives get so upset about protestors? Are you that insecure?

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