Video: Charles Barkley Comes Out Swinging at His Haters

Charles Barkley is swinging back at LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and his misplaced Y after LeBron pointed out all the skeleton’s in Barkley’s closet. I hearty “fuck ya’ll” seems to be the strategy.

Here’s the thing: LeBron and Wade are kinda right. Don’t get me wrong, I find Charles as entertaining as the next guy, but just because you own up to being an asshole doesn’t make you any less of an asshole. Charles can be an asshole. He knows it, sure, and he’s entertaining, but you can’t expect to just rip people with an affable smile and then not catch some incoming once in a while. Good on LeBron for pushing back.

H/T to reader Charles


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  1. He’s a paid TV commentator. He was asked about LeBron’s comments. Name one thing factually inaccurate that he said. Maybe he went over the line a bit by questioning his desire to compete but LeBron complaining about the defending champions not spending enough when they have the highest payroll in NBA history is worthy of the attack.

    1. LeBron went personal. When you answer valid criticism with an Ad Hominem attack, it’s all you need to know

    2. yup, Lebron is a professional victim. Great basketball player, but he loves to feel sorry for himself.

    1. Kyle has wanted Lebron meat in his mouth for years.
      He loves blowing off random dlist celebs also…like Andy D~ck.
      Dan told me all of this and said Kyle talks in his sleep.

  2. Charles relax. I’ll have my limo driver drop LeBron off at my house. And when it’s over I just jump in the pool and nobody is the wiser! Capiche my brother?

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