Video: The NBA Gives The Sixers Their Very Own Top 10 for January

In a move that is small but would have been totally unheard of at any point over the past three years, the NBA has shown the Sixers love with their very own top-10 plays of the month, posted on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

And the biggest credit to the team of all? Only four of the highlights are Embiid clips. That’s high praise towards a team still being undersold and underestimated by hardcore and casual fans alike.

If you need an Embiid only reel, this’ll do:

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25 Responses

  1. Wing bowl fan this marks the return of 5-time Wing Bowl champ hall of famer Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, who will be eating against midwest eating machine and two-time champ Molly Schuyler. I’m personally rooting for my man el wingador .

    I can’t wait to see all the tits !!!!!!

    1. I heard bill Simmons will. Be selling 20 bags of bad coke outside starting at 9(Noine) this evening !! Enjoy

      1. Is there any time when u don’t have blow on your mind? Time to reach out to Betty ford my dude

    2. My God, I am here! Dozens of skanky coked up strippers with weeping open sores. Hoping to get a hand job layer. Will keep you updated.

  2. “Per Geoff Mosher of, DGB and undrafted rookie wideout Bryce Treggs preferred enjoying the night life of Philadelphia rather than outworking their teammates in practice.”

    You would think that after a failed stint with the titans, dgb would get his act together! And if I was an undrafted rookie I’d get my act together too! It’s like Trump and Steve bannon!

    Buy a shirt! Let’s hit it!

  3. More people like the bill Simmons should appreciated in Philly for his greatness. it`s not simply all about his titles. playing balls to the wall, putting the fear of god in your opponent and ALWAYS answering the bell are hallmarks of a great competitor . El Wingador was all of these and pretty fucking good!!
    I hope he wins tomorrow to cap off his redemption story. good luck bill!!

    Show me your tits!!!!!!

  4. cannot wait for wing bowl tomorrow

    nothing better than drinking bud with other 60 year old functioning alcoholics at 600 am while watching fat neanderthals stuff wings down their gullets as coked out awful looking whores with cheap boob jobs flash and cheer them on. is there anything better in this world?!?

    WING BOWL 25 so pumped

  5. They rubbed the vomit on their breasts and it makes them grow bigger. It’s amazing down here. Best ShitFest ever.

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