Put on your tinfoil Ballin’ Ben hat.

Early last month, I singled out “Simmons’ most-likely debut date” as February 24th against the Wizards. Others have also speculated as much.

And then last week, a little birdie told us – albeit with second-hand info – that the Sixers had changed internal marketability of the game to their highest level, previously reserved for just the Warriors game. I’d take that with a grain of salt. When it comes to forward facing information, the only way to tell if the Sixers have changed the pricing tier of the game is through group ticket sales (since StubHub obscures who is selling which tickets at which price). Kyle called on Friday and was quoted Tier D prices, which is what the Wizards game was originally listed as. Luckily, I was legitimately looking to bring a group to that game – the Sixers consider any crew of 10 or more to be a group – and reached to my rep since I had that hunch about Simmons.

I was told by my reliable and affable Sixers rep, very kindly, that the game’s tier had risen because it was nearly sold out and that only lower level tickets were available, ranging from $125-$305. That’s well above Tier D prices and more in line with, and maybe even slightly above, a Tier A game, but well short of the astronomical prices for the Warriors game, which is a tier unto itself. Here’s is where we play the cause and effect game. Is that because the Sixers expect Ben Simmons to make his debut that night, and raised ticket prices accordingly? Or is it because it’s a Friday night game against a good team and fans think Simmons will make his debut that night, thus driving up the demand, cutting the supply, and raising the prices? Ah, capitalism. [Editor’s note: It’s not lost on us that the Sixers still readily admit to raising advertised prices mid-stream if they think they can make a quick buck.]

Essentially, we come out of this knowing zilch about why the tickets for the Wizards game are now higher other than they’re in limited supply. So buy what’s left and come out to The Center on February 24th! At the very least, you can watch the Sixers (with or without Ben Simmons) with a bunch of people who totally wanted and expected to see Ben Simmons that night. You can bond over it.