What We Know About the Potential Pelicans/Okafor Deal

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors started swirling fast and furious around Jahlil Okafor and the New Orleans Pelicans a little earlier today, and here’s where it seems to stand now: The Sixers and Pelicans looked like they were headed towards a deal to send Okafor to the Pelicans in exchange for the contract of Alexis Ajinca and a lottery protected first rounder in 2018. The Sixers were asking for the protection to be top-5 or top-10, rather than lottery protected. The Pelicans didn’t want to move on that. The Sixers possibly want the Pelicans to add Jrue Holiday – the first casualty of The Process – in the deal, and things have slowed down for now. And the Pelicans are working the league.

We’ll have more on the potential deal as more maneuvering goes down.


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  1. No need to update us here. Really. People come here to talk smack about local media personalities, not to read tweets you copied and pasted.

    1. What would you rather have right now…..KP of Hinkie would have been allowed to draft him BUT since the Sixers might have been better with him than Jah maybe that changed our odds in the lottery and we don’t get Ben Simmons or leave it as is?

      Embiid with KP as your stretch 4 for years to come or the team as presently constituted.

  2. So you basically just repeated what you had in the last post. Thanks for this “update”.

  3. You are the equivalent of the boy who cried wolf. Next time f u c k boi get your facts straight.

  4. Jim, what is Woj saying on his Twitter account?! Anything we should know about?! Please update us ASAP so we can stay in the know!!!!!

  5. “We’ll have more on the potential deal as more maneuvering goes down.”

    No you won’t have more. You’ll regurgitate information and aggregate tweets but you won’t do one single shred of original reporting or fact finding. I mean Kyle is so out of the loop he couldn’t even break the Marks to WIP story and there is literally NO competition for that. Nobody gives a flying fuck about some 97.5 reject getting the evening shift at WIP that is a 45 minute show half the time because of the Phillies.

    This site is so pathetic and so ineptly run by two talentless fucktards I swear on the grave of Ed Snider I am going to lose it

    1. 1. They don’t have any sources at WIP.
      2. They did beat Tornoe to the death of BoB, FWIW.

  6. Thank god the sixers are playing like shit again and losing .. really fucking want one of these top guards coming out to finish up the process

    1. They are losing because Embiid isn’t playing just like I told all of you several weeks ago it is more than a bone bruise that they saw in the MRI I had it right first and you guys made fun of me LOL you can’t take it that a girl was right

  7. Hey Trish – I had “fame and fortune” once. I made 70K one year and somebody recognized me once.

    I am now a best selling author. My tale is remarkable. From being an international superstar to almost being murdered in prison several times ( I was a coke dealer) – I have made it all the way back. I am eating wings again and desperately seeking attention. I have come full circle. On pace for $32K this year. What say fuzzy britches?

    1. Hi wingnut cute name thanks for being so nice LOL. I’m not looking for fame I’m just an insider who gets things right unlike Jim. LMAO

  8. Jrue may have been the first casualty of the Process, but it was Andrew the Loonatic Bynum who started the whole thing. Bowling for forties.

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