Wing Bowl Roundup

Photo: WIP

Many more after the jump.

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28 Responses

      1. Was pounding Genny Creams with my boys in the lot and who comes thru the predawn darkness but Ric Flair with this crazy robe on. I laid out a fat rail for him and he snorted it down yelling WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

          1. I’d love to toss the salad(with syrup and whip cream) of the black chic in the Tiger outfit.

  1. How has no one mentioned that Molly Schuyler looks like she smoked 20 pounds of meth before the competition. Wtf?

      1. Not me(EWWWW) Only a desperate no woman-getting loser would sleep with that grotesque looking thing.

  2. 25 years of Wing Bowl and still no representatives from Sudan where they know a little about competitive eating. First prize? Survival.

  3. Found it interesting that it was a stand in cast today at 6 AM on 97.5…kinda reminds me when they put on ladies billiards on ESPN when Fox has Cowboys and Packers on at same time.

  4. even the drunks look bored with this tired exercise..cataldi and his retards reach their annual low of skank, puke, douche and unfunny fake fun….congrats to WIP

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