Your New Rookie of the Year: Dario Saric

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get this out of the way: If Joel Embiid plays, say, 10 more games, he should be Rookie of the Year. Hell, maybe he should be even if he’s done for the season. The Washington Post thinks he still gets it. But the voting panel – writers and broadcasters – have previously let games played, or won, factor into their decision. I don’t see Embiid getting enough votes with his current workload. He’s far and away the best rookie, so there’s a possibility he’ll eek it out, but let’s operate as if he won’t.

With JoJo out of the running, the race basically becomes a two-man sprint: The Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon facing off against Dario Saric. Both unconventional rookies in 2017 – Saric a veteran in Europe, and Brogdon a 24-year-old, four-year college player who red-shirted his sophomore year – Dario and Malcolm are miles ahead of the rest of the class. Here’s how they compare in rank:

  • Points per game
    • Saric – 11.1 (2nd)
    • Brogdon – 9.5 (tied 3rd most)
  • Rebounds per game
    • Saric – 6.2 (2nd)
    • Brogdon – 2.6 (tied 11th most)
  • Assists per game
    • Saric – 1.8 (tied 10th most)
    • Brogdon – 4.2 (1st)
  • Steals per game
    • Saric – 0.6 (tied 5th most)
    • Brogdon – 1.2 (1st)

And in percentages among qualified players:

  • FG%
    • Saric – 40.2% (8th)
    • Brogdon – 44.2% (3rd)
  • 3PT%
    • Saric – 31.9% (12th)
    • Brogdon – 41.4% (1st)

You could make a very compelling argument for Brogdon based on those numbers, but over the last 15 games – when Dario really started to come into his own – Dario wins in points (15.7 to 9.6) and rebounds (6.9/2.0) by an even wider margin than the season averages, while jumping ahead in field goal percentage (46.3/41.3) and notching four double-doubles.

For better or worse, these awards can also be a bit highlight-driven. While Brogdon lit it up early in the season with a couple of Vine-able dunks, Dario has just recently begun to dazzle:

With increased playing time – and more minutes at his natural PF position in the absence of Ilyasova – his numbers have skyrocketed (limited sample size):

If he keeps up this pace, that ROTY trophy will end up in Camden after all.

And just imagine how good Dario will be when he finally comes over. IF he ever comes over.

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25 Responses

  1. When will ESPN lose the NBA television contract?

    This is like when ESPN had NASCAR and all the part-time sports fans and trendy types pretended to like NASCAR. The NBA is a bad product, but it is the “in” sport right now because ESPN says so.

    It is almost as unwatchable as the Flyers. Thank God for college hoops.

      1. You are worth whatever someone is willing to pay you. I have no problem with what anyone makes – I am not paying them.

        If you put !!! after lol, does that mean you are really laughing hard?

        NBA – Awful product. It’s popular right now because ESPN told you it is. It’s NASCAR all over again.

        1. Yes the NBA as a league is bad, it has been for a while now. The Eastern Conf. playoffs are a foregone conclusion, and really can any team other than San Antonio beat the Warrirors ?

    1. Decades of absolute mediocrity and a fanbase that is made up of some of the city’s most annoying so yeah, a perfect tonic for boring, shitty product.

  2. You say Dario has been better over the last 15 games in terms of points and rebounds but fail to mention that of course a PF would rebound more than a SG. You also failed to mention assists over that period which would favor Brogdon as much as rebounds do Saric. Dario might be the better player, but at least try to make it a fair comparison.

  3. Trades are going down all around the league. But Hexy is holding all of his cards. Waiting for those offers that respect the true value of his players. He is so much smarter than the rest of them. love his patient approach that will pay off

    1. won’t be long before the Flyers start the tank so that they can draft the next Connor McDavid…..this team has zero scorers

  4. Jim the bigger issue here in the ROY race is who raises the cat better?

    Gargano is done at 97.5. Two call outs in a few weeks? He’s playing hardball and he’s gonna be out. Same thing with Brokeback Mike Miss

  5. Hey guys quick update on last night.

    I met up with Sarah Baicker at Barbuzzo for drinks and a snack. Really cool chick. We had a great time for almost 3 hours. She loves hockey really knows her stuff. Hates “Pinnach” like the rest of us. Says the Arena Host blonde bimbo has slept with Matt Read and Brayden Schenn

    Anyway we went back to my place and fooled around for a bit. I let her fondle my balls. Sounds like we meet up again.

  6. I’m not so sure Dario has it over Brogdon. Dario has him slightly on points, and by a good margin on rebounds. Everything else favors Brogdon, and by healthy margins.

    Also, who cares about the last 15 games? This seems like clear Sixer favoritism.

    Why does the morning show constantly talk about, and vote on, and complain about the name of their stupid call in line? Hey, maybe name it for what is is? A concept stolen from multiple other shows that had it first? “OH BUT BUT OURS IS BETTER BECAUSE PEOPLE SING” The singing is atrocious. Knock it off with the singing. IVE SEEN IT ENOUGH

  7. This will come true just like Jim’s Embiid injury analysis. He’s fine, nothing to see here!!

  8. Just a few weeks ago, Kyle lifted his leg on Jack McCaffery when he tweeted exactly this.

    Young clueless bloggers jumping too late onto the bandwagon of a knowledgeable reporter.

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