YouTube Is Launching a Streaming TV Service and It Will Probably Change the Game

From CNBC:

The company announced a live and on-demand TV service called “YouTubeTV” on Tuesday. The subscription, which will cost $35 a month for a family plan of up to six accounts, is expected to launch in the next few months.

Subscribers will have access to up to 40 networks, as well as YouTube creator content. Channels include all broadcast channels and cable channels like USA, FX, Freeform, ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports. Users can add Showtime and soccer programming for an additional fee.

ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports. That represents a substantial portion of sports content– indeed almost all of it in addition to the broadcast networks. TechCrunch confirms that YouTubeTV will include the regional sports networks from Comcast and FOX.

The Verge has some more details:

Sadly, like many other streaming bundles, it has gaps. YouTube TV, as it’s called, will be missing channels from Viacom, including big names like Comedy Central and MTV. It also won’t have programming from Turner Broadcasting, meaning you won’t be able to get CNN, TBS, and TNT. AMC Networks, Discovery Communications, and A+E Networks are also missing as of the launch announcement.

The (at least initial) omission of TBS and TNT will be a non-starter for NBA fans, but if this takes off, then CBS-Viacom [Edit: Just Viacom– they never merged with CBS] and Turner will have no choice but to join in.

Why might this work better than the other options (Playstation Vue, Sling TV, DIRECTV Now)? Well, Vue is the best of the bunch, but it is just now getting adoption among mainstream consumers. YouTube, however, has brand recognition, it’s built upon mountains of streaming bandwidth, and it brings with it everything else on YouTube. The only problem I see, which sounds like it will be a short-lived one, is that it will require a Chromecast to beam to your TV. Once Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku join the party, it might be game over (of course, many smart TVs already have YouTube built in).

YouTubeTV will launch first in markets where it can strike deals with local broadcast affiliates. For what it’s worth, Philly was one of the original markets for PlayStation Vue, so I would think we’d be included here, too.

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35 Responses

    1. Did anyone involved with the Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast grow up in a house that cost less than 900k?

      Bunch of spoiled brats who are used to getting everything handed to them in life

    1. This.

      Go get your cable-replacement for $35. Then get the standalone internet service for more than half what you’re paying for that cable and internet package and you’re worse off than you were before. Comcast has us by the short ones. Just accept it and move on with your life.

    2. Correct. Verizon and Comcast both have plans in place to start charging homes based on how much data they use a month just like cell phone plans. This cord cutting might sound good now just wait until they finalize the monthly data plans and your bill skyrockets based on how much you stream from these sources. Kodi. Netflix. Smart TVs.

      1. Agreed, Mr. Roberts. This is why Comcast is actually positioned well, because they own the pipe and if they can keep moving X1 forward, they should be able to provide the streaming experience, too. And they own like half the content. This is why Net Neutrality is a big thing– without it, Comcast could make it very expensive to go with any other option.

    3. I kind of agree here. When you do the math, and in an HBO, Netflix and something else, it doesn’t really save THAT much money. It’s mostly about the experience, in my view.

    4. If you live in a place where FIOS and Comcrap compete,, you can get a pretty good price on internet only. You will notice that Comcast rolled out their 1tb data cap nationally this fall except in those places they have competition, like the Philadelphia area. If you have a household with multiple cable boxes as I did, the real savings with cutting the cable tv cord is in rental box fees and taxes. My FIOS TV bundle was around $129 but ballooned to over $200 every month with all the additional DVR/rental box fees, franchise fees, and misc. taxes. When I dropped FIOS TV, they offered me either $59 for 50/50 internet or $69 for 75/75 with no taxes or data cap. I added Playstation Vue’s Elite plan which has 90 channels for $54.99 (no taxes).. From a Philly sports perspective, PS Vue is only lacking the TCN channel which really only comes into play when two teams are playing on the same night and neither one is televised nationally. Fortunately, those NHL/NBA (and soon MLB) streams can be found on the NBC Sports app or elsewhere. If Verizon / Comcast do get together and decide to add a data caps in places they compete, you can still save some money by switching to a business internet plan. Their business internet plans are a more expensive but they are unlikely to ever cap them.

  1. Colangelo still has a job? Why?

    Oh yeah, because his daddy and Adam Silver said so

  2. I had the chance to do a prime time spot, with a marquee name in the industry, in a very good market, but it just wasn’t right for my family.

  3. Sorry fellow eagles fans, despite what you hear on sports talk, we don’t have a franchise QB. He had 3 decent games. After that he was one of the worst ranked QBs in the league. He was a reach and it was very obvious. No one else wanted him, which is why the Eagles easily traded up. I only bring this up because I’m sick of hearing about the upcoming free agents and how it’s all good, “we have our quarterback”. It’s going to be a long few years for the Eagles

  4. I’ll stick with my reliable Verizon FIOS cable package. I like having hundreds of channels including all the networks and premiums. I have HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ, The Movie Channel, and EPIX. Not interested in Netflix which doesn’t offer a full movie package. I do subscribe to DVD.Netflix so I can watch movies not available on the premium channels and get them by mail. If you want a crippled package of channels then subscribe to streaming services. I can afford the full FIOS package.

    1. Dvd by mail netflix is still a thing?! Btw, unless you want to hook all CB commenters up with a fios package, we dgaf if you can afford it…….
      Now, about YT tv, Ive been waiting for this to launch, but since it lacks a few key channels, I’m sticking with vue.
      Lastly, check out mobdro. Don’t say I never did anything for the CB community

      1. Stop commenting if you really want to do something for us. Racist Ron Burgundy is less annoying than your daily bullshit about terrestrial radio and your beer league softball injuries and how they relate to pro athletes recovery time. GTFO

    2. Dude no argument that in some cases a regular cable plan is better, but the Netflix stuff is just plain weird.

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  6. Until we have a stand alone reasonably priced high speed internet alternative to comcast and verizon with no data caps cord cutting is a myth.

  7. Millennials like Kyle are obsessed with “cutting the cord” to show they are sooooooo smart. Meanwhile Comcast just laughs at this. They will concede the extra cable boxes but make you bend over for fast enough internet, Maestro

  8. I have internet only 100 up 100 down fios for $60. I don’t feel like that’s a lot. Then I can choose these services at my own leisure. I’m not complaining.
    I have cable login info from friends/family and download apps for channels.
    The verizon deal with the nfl pissed me off the most

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