A Philly Sports Museum Is in the Works

I spoke to Lou Scheinfeld and Rick Berger yesterday. They are spearheading the effort, dreamed up by Ed Snider, to bring a Museum of Philly Sports to South Philly, likely near Xfinity Live!.

The plan for Phase 2 of the entertainment complex near the grounds of the old Spectrum was always to feature a museum or hall of fame of sorts. Scheinfeld, a former Flyers, Sixers and Eagles exec who had long been Snider’s right-hand man, has been working on the project since 2011. Berger is handling the fundraising. They have the support of Mayor Kenney, Ed Rendell, and all the local teams to varying degrees. There will be a private fundraiser next month, perhaps followed by solicitations for public contributions to bring the project over the goal line.

So, what is it?

When I heard Philly sports museum, I assumed that it would be a glorified collection of those memorabilia displays that fill that Wells Fargo Center concourse. But the project is much more ambitious. Currently pegged to be around 25,000 square feet, the museum would feature high-tech exhibits, including holograms, aimed at all ages. For kids, think exhibits like the ones at the Franklin Institute, only with a technological twist, along with a mock training room to learn all about proper preparation. For everyone else, interactive video and memorabilia areas, with space for traveling exhibits. It will host the renowned private sports memorabilia collection of Dr. Nicholas DePace.

The museum would be geared toward both Philly fans and tourists, and aim to be a must-visit destination for out-of-town sports fans. It will also have a restaurant and mini golf course, and be available to host weddings and other events. There will be throwback concessions and even a remodeled old-school Greyhound bus to pick visitors up from various points in the city.

You want renderings? You got it:

It all sounds great, but the non-profit group led by Scheinfeld will need to raise funds to pull it off– about $20 million or so. They have some commitments, the backing of major city players and the local teams, and they are in talks with high-profile former athletes to headline public fundraising events, but nothing is set in stone at this point.

You can check out more details about the museum at its website here. If you’d like more information or to lend your support, you can contact Rick Berger at rick[at]themuseumofsports[dot]org.


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    1. I’m hearing they will play Matt Stairs HR vs the Dodgers on loop. I can watch that all day.

        1. You probably saw quite a few of them at tailgate parties. Let us know where you’ll be tailgating this upcoming season. I’m sure a few of us will be happy to stop by and give you a quick mouthful before the game,

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  3. I heard there is a chance that if the Wells Fargo Center renovations become too expensive they will build a new building and it will be where xfinity live currently sits.

  4. Aquarium and Outddor Ampitheater is in Camden,Soccer Stadium in Chester, Pre-eminent concert venue(Tower) is in frifggin Upper Darby, Zoo i n North Philadlephia and now Philadlephia Sports Museum will join the cash cow stadiums in a truck stop area of South Philly.

    Is this the stupidest region in the USA or what?

    You want your entertainment venues near Center City where they can financially support bars.restaurants, retail and hotels. The last place you want your entertainment are in the middle of ghettoes and truck stops you fucking philadelphia morons.

  5. For some reason my completely G rated and non provoking or insulting comments are continuously being taken down, now I know why we lost Saturday against that above average team.

    1. And $20- $30 on concessions. Snider was a money hungry miser. Snider could have built the stadium in Center City where it belonged but wanted all the revenue to go into his pocket. So you got a rich owner and a stadium with all the ambience of a strip mall on the outskirts of Dayton.

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  6. I’m sure Jim will petition to have an entire floor dedicated to Embiid in honor of his 31 games as a Sixer.

    1. I like to consider myself an optimist, but I’m having a hard time relating anything positive to embiid’s future. He’s an awesome player when he’s actually playing. But the feeling in my gut is that his career will play out very similar to how this season did. Just plagued with injuries. And yeah, it’s gonna be a damn shame

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  8. Hope there’s an exhibit for that one time Carrot Top threw out the first pitch at Phillies spring training.

  9. This will never happen. It’s been almost 10 years since the whole “philly live” thing….

    anyone remember this quote” Meanwhile, the Cordish website continues to feature that thrilling video of Philly Live! – “a destination retail, dining and entertainment district . . . that will energize the South Philadelphia area surrounding the sports complex” – along with an equally pulse-pounding one for Ballpark Village next to the new Busch Stadium in St. Louis – “a $650 million mixed-use retail, entertainment, office and residential district” projected to be “the centerpiece of downtown St. Louis’ revival.” (http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/sixers/20101122_Spectrum_replacement_Philly_Live__is_scaled_back.html)

    1. With it’s overpriced beer and food. It’s an embarrassment.

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  13. Instead of an “old school greyhound bus” they should use an old school “duckboat” to drop them in the river in front of a cargo ship for the real philly sports fan experience. You don’t own a football team to make money, ha ha ha. -Norman Braman

  14. Thanks to the Sourhouse blocking it in the legislature. The Sourhouse is a lovely place if you like to gamble next to gang members from the neighborhood.

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