Excellent Parenting

Great fathering here. Never mind the work it took to put together the excellent stop-motion – complete with nonchalant Jay Wright bang – the ability to set aside rooting interests for the betterment of your offspring is truly something all parents should strive for. Like me. My wife’s family has a few Yankees fans in it and already broached the subject of buying Kyle 2 a Yankees hat. I quickly squashed that noise, but I am preparing a highly edited, unfiltered 10-minute video clip recapping the 2004 ALCS and Game 1 (Game 1 only) of the 2009 World Series to brainwash uh, influence his decision on who to root for should there be any hesitation.

As for Villanova– he doesn’t have to go there. I just have one simple rule: he can go to Villanova or any school ranked higher (Princeton, Harvard, etc.). So he can’t, for instance, go to St. Joe’s. Though I’d be happy to make him a stop-motion of John Lucas III’s shot:


Side note: Jim Nantz has really improved as an announcer. His 2004 call was disjointed and anticlimactic, while his call of Nova’s shot was descriptive and perfectly captured the moment. I’m coming around on Nantz.

H/T to (@mnelson228)

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12 Responses

  1. I’d be impressed if it was some rando doing this at home, not a professional moviemaker who makes these for a living.



  2. I am a douche! Did anyone know I am a douche? That’s why I have this inappropriate screen name and I post dumb comments that only I think are funny. That makes me a douche!

    1. I just want to let everyone know we are sincerely sorry for our son’s douchery. We did everything in our power to prevent him from becoming the douche he is today. We even once sent him away to a “De-douche Camp!” It didn’t work and it failed miserably. Today, he works for our local public works department and is the biggest douche in our township.

  3. It’s free agency day!!! This is a football town. You are not supposed to talk or write about anything but the Eagles today

  4. It’s coming and it ain’t no joke. Shock and Awe!

  5. Are you telling me the guy who bitched about the rise in his health care costs can afford to send his kid to an Ivy League School?

    How many iPhones does Harvard cost?

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