Ilya Bryzgalov Remains Delightfully Weird

Ilya Bryzgalov is doing deadline day for Sportsnet (Canada) today, and there was just the right amount of weird and awkward to go around. Best part? He’s actually a pretty good analyst and straight-up trashed the Martin Hanzal trade.

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25 Responses

  1. How come Sean brace can talk like a normal adult on TV? However, he seems to struggle speaking like one all other times?

    1. Hey Nick – so according to your twitter account you were offered a big job in a major market along side a big name? However, would not tell where or with who. How are we suppose to believe that you were offered some major job when no one has a clue of who you are? Did some program director stumble upon one of your periscope videos and thought he found a star? Don’t think so.

      I applaud you for trying to keep your name out there and pretending there is a buzz for your services, but, you need to realize that your ship has sailed when you committed career cancer and trashed former co-workers. Have fun doing the traffic for B101.

      1. 1st thing I thought of when nk was firing off them tweets was he was lying to try and drum up interest

        1. It’s so obvious that he wrote that to pretend he is still wanted. The truth of the matter is that he was doing fine, unfortunately he lost his national satellite gig, but that is OK, because could have gotten back to doing something locally. Well, we all know what happened then.

          Nick, sorry bro, your time has passes in the sports talk field. Time to move to plan B, go sell some life insurance or something.

    1. Sorry loser. you were not first.
      Guess you’ll have to settle for sloppy thirds….as usual.
      Make sure you ‘clean up’ you’re rubber doll before you start in on ‘her’
      that is, unless you like her ‘dirty’ and spoiled. Use a condom so you don’t
      give her any luggage to take with her when you deflate her.

      This is what you have to settle for when you finish third!

  2. Went to the nightclub in AC a few summers ago. Brody Jenner was the DJ. After the show his security guard literally came out and randomly picked a handful of women from the crowd including my girlfriend. The 5 women then went into the back room and had sex with Jenner, one by one. Needless to say she isn’t my girlfriend anymore

    1. And what kind of idiot goes to a night club in AC?
      and ….Who the fuck is Brody Jenner?
      Since you really aren’t that pissed off we all have to assume that he fucked you also.
      fucking loser!

  3. PMT interview with Jay is REALLY good. Do yourselves a favor and listen.

    1. Indeed it was…

      However, Kyle will respond by saying he interviewed Jay before PMT on his own Podcast, essentially comparing his dogsh*t show with the #1 Sports Podcast in all the Land.

  4. Nothing on the criminal investigation into me for supplying Mikey Miss with pills that sent him to rehab?

  5. My bi-girlfriends smoking hot side piece Monica says she saw Amy Fadool in the King of Prussia LA Fitness sauna room. Word is Amy has really tightened up in all the right places. She could be worried Jillian Mele is after her TV job. Heard Amy had the treadmill up to 9.0 mph.

  6. Think that Martinez is getting a little big in his shorts with this fill in gig? starting to cut off callers and big timing everybody….

    1. Martinez is a prick. He’s always bragging about playing hockey in college. Dude played club hockey at a school no one has heard of. Undoubtedly he thinks the slot is now his since Mikey Miss doesn’t appear to be retiring to the station.

    2. Martinez is a wall flower compared to me. Did you hear me verbally abuse that one guy yesterday who disagreed with one of my viewpoints? Dont ever disagree or challenge Rob Ellis. I will destroy you. Bring it! Im only 5’5″ a buck forty in person but Im 6’5 240 lbs on the radio.

  7. These radio dick’s all seem to be feeling themselves lately. Heard fat cuz the one morning sounding disgusted that a caller said Lombardo had a different basketball take than him. Not that Lombardo is anyone. But neither is that 300 pound neanderthal.

  8. What a ridiculous way to start that segment. “Hey have you always been a big weirdo heh.” Bryz wants to talk hockey and these guys just want to use him as a sideshow. There’s an obvious and uncomfortable disconnect.

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