John Kruk Builds The Legend of Chase F*cking Utley

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Chase Utley legend building is my favorite thing. First we had two tales from Peter Gammons. One of an intentional HBP he asked for, and a shot off the wall with a gut fill of chowder. Now, Gammons is known to spin a yarn or two, so these may be tall tales at least in part. John Kruk is more of a salt of the Earth guy, so when he tells a story, it probably true. Like the one time he played an amazing prank on Utley:

The best prank I ever pulled … was on Chase Utley. His first hit in the big leagues was a grand slam for the Phillies. It was his first day. We set this thing up where we called him into Larry Bowa’s office and said, “Your papers weren’t submitted in time. You were an illegal player. It doesn’t count.” He screamed, “Eff all of you!” and walked out.

One of the best traditions in baseball is giving a player the silent treatment after their first home run, but I’d be down with this secretly replacing that. And Chase screaming “fuck you all” and then storming out of the office seems like the most Chase thing ever.

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