TV WARS: Jillian Mele Is Headed to FOX News

pic from Mele's Twitter

Multiple sources tell me that Jillian Mele, the former co-host of Breakfast on Broad who is now sort of a CSN personality at-large, will be leaving for FOX News, the cable network, where she may host an early morning shift (I heard 5 a.m. but wasn’t able to confirm that). It’s unclear when she’ll be starting the new gig.

I reached out to Mele for comment but haven’t heard back.

Thoughts: Regardless of your thoughts on FOX News, this is a huge step up for Mele. Not particularly surprisingly, either. She was easily the best on-air personality on BOB, and always seemed like she would one day do a national show. Wasn’t expecting FOX News, however. If she gets the 5 a.m. hour, she’ll expand her viewership from a small fraction of hardcore Philly sports fans to, oh, the president of the United States, who apparently has nothing better to do in the mornings. And let’s be honest, Mele easily fits the FOX News aesthetic.


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      1. Great scoop, Jim. Compelling, rich and timely. Did you hear about the Zeppelin that crashed in New Jersey not too long ago? You might be able to get a scoop on it and I think there’s even video..just google Hindenburg.

  1. *Fetches popcorn* Comments ought to be spicy on this one.

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    1. I could care less. ass wipe!
      More clicks=more money in Kyles pocket.
      So keep complaining and making smart ass remarks shitforbrains!

  2. Wow, this totally blows my long-held “she doesn’t really give a damn about sports” theory right out of the water…

    1. How many times do i have to tell your its not about sports?
      Its about how many DlCKS you suck….right jim?

  3. ‘This is huge step for Mele…’.
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  4. The bubbleheaded bleached blonde
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    It’s interesting when people die
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  5. “I reached out to Mele for comment but haven’t heard back.”…..uhhhhhh ya think?

    1. Right, why would she waste her time talking to you Kyle. You’re a nobody

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  6. I wouldn’t mind having those fellas at the Fest this year. I’m always down to diversify my audience. They can come high, just don’t get high at the fest.

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  7. Mikey Missed on Action News Sports Sunday. Can’t Jeff and Jaime handle it by themselves. The only reason for a sidekick is to provide a paycheck to a guy who squirrels away every dollar. Brace would take the job for free.

    1. I heard that they wanted to hire Eytan Shander, but his bulge was way to big to be on tv.

  8. Who ever does the hiring over at FOX News clearly does it with a raging boner.

    1. After those crybabies Carlson and Kelly tried to take us down we needed to bring someone aboard who’ll get with the program.

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  10. over/under total number of people to paid Kyle for the Philly Sports Roast stream??? I’ll set it at 4.

    1. The sports roast, or the people that paid to avoid surveys on this site?

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  13. Sure it isn’t Fox Sports and not Fox News. She comes off as a little to liberal for Fox News.

    1. A lifelong Montco resident and GMC grad? Liberal? Nah, she’s right in the wheelhouse.

        1. Fox does employ a couple of fanooks. Guy Benson and Sheppard Smith off the top of my head. Isn’t Jillian’s brother gay?

  14. All bleaching comments are getting deleted. Thank you cb fir getting rid of the filth

  15. Well known fact in the industry that Fox News national desk female anchor hires have to clear three different casting couches before they even get to the job interview. Good work outta Jiilian.

    1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I got hired because of my immense talent, impeccable credentials, and tireless work ethic.

      1. I’ll open myself to ridicule and say it…..I think she is a very good in front of the camera.

  16. Kyle,
    Did you see that pic of Charlie Manuel and Carrot Top at spring training? Seems like the kind of thing this site would write about.

  17. Fits the mold of the bubbly blonde with breast implants that Fox hires. Fox News will be a huge step up in pay for her but upgrade her breast implants another size and cup.

  18. Well this ought to resuscitate her moribund Twitter and Instagram. They died a slow painful death after BoB got flushed.

  19. Funny side note-

    I got a lap dance before at the spearamint rhino in vegas and the stripper said she bleaches her ah.

    God I hope the eagles play the raiders away in next couple years so I can get back there


  21. Anything on Mikey Miss and Myrtetus not knowing Embiid got surgery?

  22. Once I end up on Fox News, Jillian and I can have a competition for most tit freckles.

  23. She shifted his stick faster than a driver at Indy. Polished that knob until it shined as bright as the sun.

  24. Seems like this would be both Radio Wars and TV Wars material.

  25. I used to jerk off to Jillian a lot on break on broad

  26. She’s apparently a huge psycho and wears her welcome with dudes out real quick. Her and a guy I know got it on.

    1. No. You don’t know a guy who banged her. You really don’t. Fucking internet loser.

  27. Anything on Gargano having no show material today so he made up a controversy about some position coach and Pederson?

  28. Seriously Gargano and Baldy jumped the shark talking about a WB coach taking Pederson spot. Then also can we talk about Harry Mayes being a Raging alcoholic gambler he gives me the creeps and he is on a show with Ellis. Sheesh. Jillian gonna have to sex it up at Fox they are not allowed to wear pants. She gonna show them legs or get fired back to Ellis

  29. I couldn’t care less if this b!tch signed up for Elon Musk’s Mars colony project. And it’s not a jillian thing, that applies to anyone in the media

  30. Does any give a fuck about this? God this site sucks. We get about 2 posts from Kyle a week and half of the Monday wrap-up is him hocking his shitty shirts or deals on low mortgages near Kelly drive. meanwhile bleeding green nation is putting up every single eagles rumor and even going as far to write an article about the raiders lv move. When will this site die. When does Leslie goodell start?

    1. Sorry to break the news. GLASS MASK died in a boiler explosion down at the navy yard.
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  31. What’s up with all the dbags who flock to Sarah Baickers defense on twitter? Like they think if they defend her honor they get a bj from her. Imagine that nose would get in the way though.

  32. Of course you wouldn’t have thought it would be Fox news being a progressive douchebag and all. Because you and all your idiot friends are progressive douchebags anyone of any kind of merit must be a progressive douchebag. Everyone who believes something else is some kind of racist hick science denying cartoon character. I mean who would want to work at Faux News? Its only the most popular cable news channel with the best production values and biggest budget.

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