A Reminder That Jim Nantz Will Give Someone His Tie Tonight

A tradition unlike any other– Jim Nantz goes full creepfest and gives an unsuspecting college kid who just won the National Championship his tie.

For The Win has a short article about the tradition (urgh! VOMIT!!!), which apparently began in 2006 but only got publicized after cameras recorded Nantz giving Ryan Arcidiacono his tie last year. Nantz was mostly ridiculed, so he spun it into a sponsored charity thing with Vineyard Vines, “who will manufacture ties with Nantz National Alzheimer’s Center printed on the back,” to save face and so he can continue with his ego-boosting tradition (blech!!!!).

Some excerpts:

Nantz says he’d presented ties to fans who came up and asked for autographs, sometimes to those who had their own story of a family member who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease — Nantz’s father died in 2008 after a battle with the horrifying disease, and the announcer made it his priority to do all he could to fight for a cure.

What a weird thing to do! Imagine going up to a TV broadcaster and asking for their autograph and then them handing you their tie. Uh, thanks man, but I just figured I’d get a few more Johnny Hancocks on my program and call it a day. Now I have… a silky garment from you. Hey, where’s Erin Andrews?

“I’m not comparing myself in any fashion to these names, but these are all friends of mine who I’ve watched how they handle the public: President George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, [the late] Arnold Palmer. I watched the way they interacted with people and I’ve been downright touched by their generosity. Arnold would sign an autograph with more care and attention than anyone you saw. He would pull out an umbrella pin and sometimes put it on you. The presidents, I’ve seen them give away cuff links. I’ve just seen the best at being able to make people know they’re appreciated.”

President of the United States.

Arnold Palmer.

Jim Nantz.

Tell me which of these three you’d prefer to not receive worn clothing from.

No but for real, imagine how big your ego has to be to just casually throw yourself into the same conversation with presidents and one of the greatest golfers ever? This would be like me donating my old Macbook Pro to the Newseum because I heard Woodward graciously bestowed upon it his typewriter and Hemingway’s grandchildren handed over one of the old man’s cigar boxes. I bet Nantz dropped that line without a hint of irony.

Later, while Florida celebrated its championship, Nantz and Brewer found each other. Brewer asked Nantz if he’d mentioned his dad on the air, and the broadcaster confirmed he did. Then, he took off his tie and handed it to Brewer.

Wow. That escalated quickly.

Hey man, did you give my dad a shoutout?

Sure did, partner. Here, take my tie… and my shirt, and this pair of game-worn boxer briefs.

But I must say– I respect the hell out of Nantz spinning this into a charity deal to save face. Now it’s taboo to rip him for being a narcissistic freak because some tie company will donate the, like, $17 in gross profits to charity.

Side note: On a test show for our upcoming podcast, our yet unnamed co-host told the story about being around Nantz multiple times and how his go-to move is to ask well-wishers where they’re from, name a place in that town, and then tell them he has to go. What a guy.

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21 Responses

    1. This article is obviously just a way to write Ryan Arcidiacono’s name.

      How pathetic. Hey, Kyle, Grow up.

      1. seriously.. anything to ram a nova reference into ANYTHING even if no one cares or even knows about this.

        1. Yea that’s the first thing that crossed my mind as well. Everyone forgot about that worthless moment except Blogger boy. Kyle, Nova is all over, it’s back to obscurity for them.

  1. Almost as big of an egomaniac move as you thinking you could give out stock advice

  2. You guys must be insanely insecure. After announcing the ‘Pud-cast’ just hours ago, there are already 1 million subscribers to the podcast. This is the real meat locker boys.

  3. I miss “Wheels” in the booth with that rodent for a hair piece

  4. It’s that the look Jim’s mom gave him when he came out of the closet the same night he came home from the BLM protests covered in cat hair and jizz?

  5. Loving the new segment “time’s yours”? what a new and fresh idea…how does Spike keep doing it? GENIUS

    1. Love just as much as 15 seconds of fame and bitch and complain. All totally different from sound off.

  6. Kyle, when you tried to capitalize on Taney Little League’s World Series run and make money off of a 12 year old girl, how much money did that raise?

    1. Amen. Once again, the glorified millennial t-shirt salesman (who consistently bathes in the gutter of sports), plays holier than thou.

  7. I like fuqin a b!tch and she’s wearing nothing but a tie around her neck, it’s a fetish of mine. Don’t knock it until you try it!

    1. With your local sports radio host knowledge, it’s obvious you don’t get laid. You’re not fooling anyone.

  8. No coincidence that the best Catholic team in the country is a Jesuit institution. Superior intelect and athletic ability. Go Zags!!!!!

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