Allen Iverson is Promoting the New Braves Stadium

Once every few years, people get reminded that Allen Iverson is a Cowboys fan and they get a little riled up. What gets less play is Iverson’s status as a Braves fan. How big of a Braves fan is he? No idea, but I don’t think he’s gonna treat their check like a keepsake for this:

“We talkin’ bout traffic?” I’d be more worried about that road that fell down and the insane amount of taxpayer money that went into that stadium.

It’s long overdue: We need to retire “we talkin’ bout practice” for good. It’s never been funny. Never. And when Iverson himself spoofs it, he’s nowhere near a good enough actor to have the bit even approach comedy. It’s done. It’s dead. R.I.P. “we talkin’ bout practice” forever.

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    1. 4. Villanova Wildcats

      During two straight springs, Villanova has waved farewell to two classes that lifted the program out of early-2010s doldrums and into the ranks of the national elite and oh, by the way, helped win the 2016 national title. Josh Hart followed 2016’s love-in with perhaps the sport’s best individual season in 2017; Kris Jenkins will forever occupy a vaunted place in hoops lore for his title-winning buzzer-beater. Combined with the losses of Ryan Arcidiacono and Daniel Ochefu last April, you might assume Villanova was in for a rebuild. At least a brief one, right? You’d assume wrong. Jalen Brunson will continue his ongoing lead-guard metamorphosis as a junior alongside Donte DiVincenzo, who was already up for it as a freshman, while Mikal Bridges and Eric Paschall continue to offer long, interchangeable work at the forward spots. Meanwhile, Omari Spellman — a redshirt partial academic qualifier expected to be Ochefu’s replacement last fall — will finally step into the limelight, a limelight Jay Wright’s program refuses to yield.

  1. Boy am i glad to have Jim tell me what is funny and what isn’t along with when it’s ok to “boo” a player.

  2. This Iverson story is just a distraction from the real story of Jim being a bearded hipster virgin

  3. future HOF Romo did the right thing. He’s made a lot of money, has a wife, kids and relatively good health, as long as he’s not taking a sack. Why chance one more hit that could land him in a wheelchair for life?

    It would be foolish for him to go back to football for part of a season when the future is his friend with many years ahead in the broadcast booth. Opportunities like these are more rare than starting QB roles in the NFL. There’s only 3 network number one analysts positions.

    We all should be so blessed to fall into the honey pot after retiring.

    1. Hall of fame? Lol, Romo hasn’t won shit and is more known as a choke artist than anything else.

      1. Yo bub, stop stealing my handle. Everyone knows the real me wouldn’t use the term LOL because I am a tough guy and tough guys don’t use use the term LOL! Only high school teens use LOL!

  4. He will promote anything at least until he can cash that annuity in another 15 years.

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