Bill Simmons’ NBA Awards Ballot, Quite Frankly, Sucks

I’m not a Bill Simmons hater, so don’t lump me into the online masses who fire shots at Simmons just to fire shots at Simmons. But not having either Joel Embiid – potential sport-changing talent who took the league by storm – or Dario Saric as the Rookie of the Year is pure insanity. I get the argument that Embiid may not have played in enough games to win. Fine. But then it’s Saric, who was comfortably second and third behind Embiid in points and rebounds per game, respectively, on a shit team with mostly shit players around him. Brogdon is simply a decent player who defended well and doled out assists in a comfortable, stable role. And not putting Embiid in the top 3 is Simmons taking a stance against the Sixers for the sake of taking a stance against the Sixers.

Still, Simmons’ column on the MVP race is worth a read here.

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20 Responses

    1. Because that fat pig will probably take another week off because his feelings were hurt

  1. He’s probably celebrating somewhere eating whitefish salad and figuring out a shitty tip.

  2. Meh, it probably makes sense to either have me atop the ballot or off of it all together. More realistically off of it all together.

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