CB EXCLUSIVE: The Eagles Will Play The Raiders At Home on Christmas

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A little birdie tweeted at me today. The NFL schedule will officially be unveiled tonight at 8 p.m., but leaks are bound to happen. Mark Eckel already reported that the Eagles will play the Giants September 24 at home and December 17th away. And now the maestro would like to report that the Eagles will play on Christmas night, at home, against theeeeee Raiiiiiders on Monday Night Football. That’s gonna need an ugly sweater!

I own this offseason.


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    1. Get ready for the boring, tired, old snowballs thrown at Santa references. Yawn.

  1. Don’t take the bait Kyle. Doing an hour on the radio could doom the podcast before it even starts.

  2. I hope Carr is healthy and they are fighting for the division. What a great game. It should be an awesome physical match-up in cold weather. Might be pretty easy to get tickets with people at home with family or traveling.

    1. Raiders will be fighting the Patriots for the number one seed; The Eagles will be out of the playoff picture. Should have no problem getting tickets.

      1. Birds fans are really going to be shitfaced by the time the game starts. Wake up Christmas morning exchanging presents. Friends and family over getting wasted on Eggnog, beer, wine, whatever. Roll into the Linc parking lots, more beer and hard liquor, It doesn’t stop there. More beer in stadium. By 9pm 50,000 totally wasted fans puking all over the place.

        1. Can’t wait it’s going to be a great day. All the pussy down the linc too is going to be insane

  3. Kyle is and will always be the king of the local independent tangentially sports related blogs in SE PA.

  4. Kyle, are you going to be on the air solo tomorrow or is Missanelli going to debate you? From the way the shitbag producer said it, it sounded like you’re flying solo but where’s the fun in that?

  5. If you go on the air and have Innes call in and just spend the hour talking with him.

  6. If the eagles play the giants the last game of the sesson bet the house on the birds . The eagles will be battling for 7 or 8 wins and will fuck up their draft spot . They love winning the last game of the season

  7. Book a flight to Seattle on 12/1, go to the game on the 3rd, Fly down to San Diego for some R&R then up to LA on Saturday for game Sunday, fly back to Philly on Monday. Sounds like a great vacation to me. Weather is usually still decent in West Coast in December and SD is always good. It’s going to be a tough December for Birds with Raiders and Giants rounding out the month but that’s the way it goes. You have to earn it in this league. Seattle tickets are steep but you get a break in LA paying under face value. Most expensive ticket is flying into Seattle. No bargain there. They really stick to people flying out of PHL.

      1. Watch at home on your 13 inch black and white TV with rabbit ears.

    1. Fly out of Harrisburg *CHEAPER* I came from SEATAC to Middletown INTL two months ago. two days notice, Family emergency, Around $580 rnd trip. Used Skyscanner APP!

      1. PHL one of worst airports in America. Harrisburg not that much farther from me.

  8. Open up at Washington
    Giants at home Week 3
    Weeks 13-15: at Rams, at Seattle, at Giants

  9. Some bloggers from the internet are now reporting that the Eagles will play the Raiders on Christmas night on Monday Night Football! Aren’t blogs great? Back to you, Scott.

  10. Real good job by the league. Brackets were leaked last year for March Madness. This year it kept totally secret. No excuse for NFL.

  11. Now works for the Fanatic. Someone at other station asked him where he was going. He said I’m Outta Here Like Vladimir.

    1. that shocked me hearing him. reminds me of a wcw wrestler heading to wwe

  12. I’m not saying you are wrong Kyle, but it doesn’t that mean that there would still be two games after that since the last two weeks have to be division opponents? That means the season is going to end the second week of January? It doesn’t add up. I could be wrong.

  13. Hey guys, just a quick update: Well, unfortunately I had a tough game last night, I went 0 for 4 and I left 6 men on base. My batting average is down to .069. Talk to you later.

  14. Eagles in Minneapolis on Sunday Feb. 4
    AFC opponent to be determined

  15. Can’t beat those urinal troughs where you can perform your own Crossing Streams with the guy next to you. I imagine there has been no improvements there and they still have the same troughs just like Wrigley. In 1959 it must have been impressive but that was almost 60 years ago.

  16. If you own the off season you should ask for a refund as conflicting reports from people with real sources contradict your supposed leak (if someone sends you a twit, you can repost it)

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