Here Are Some More NFL Draft Concepts

A little birdie sent these to me. They are concepts for the NFL Draft setting circulating amongst city planners. I’m not sure if they have all been released yet, but I haven’t seen some of them anywhere, particularly of the FRANKLIN INSTITUTE hosting team tables.

Voila_Capture 2017-04-06_02-04-33_PM Voila_Capture 2017-04-06_02-10-18_PM Voila_Capture 2017-04-06_02-04-48_PM

Not gonna lie– looks like a pretty cool atmosphere.

I’d vote for teams to be seated around the giant pendulum and systemically killed off based upon the rotation of the Earth. Last team standing gets an extra pick. Science!

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24 Responses

    1. That’s just from his radio show, not including the Phillies games money and his appearance fees.

      1. I hear they are going to offer him a huge raise to stay at 97.5. ESPN has been after him and Shander all year.

        1. Anyone seen that pic of Jillian on IG holding that golf ball trophy sans makeup. Ew. ugh. without that spackled on makeup, she’s a 5.5 folks. new definition to the term coyote arm. she looks every bit of 35 and too much time in the sun.

          now meisha johnson? there’s an old broad that knows how to stick out those giant fake pair of DD fun bags and work it. Jillian could learn a thing or two.

    2. No way he is making that much, would be lucky to be getting anything close to 100 grand. Most likely much less.

    3. Not even close. Less than hundred thousand but he can supplement his income with personal appearances for advertisers like auto dealerships.

  1. Yes, current plan is to have war room in that complete echo chamber of a lobby.

  2. The first good decision Kyle has made in a while. Hopefully it continues.

  3. I think Mrs. CB drives that cruiser, Kyle is way too big time for anything other than his Audi

  4. 99% of the time the word you are looking for is “systematic.”

    “Systematic” means “done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical. ”

    “Systemic” is a scientific term referring to a living organism’s whole system as opposed to a singular part.

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