Holy Hell, The Game of Zones Trailer Features Five Sixers References

The Malamut brothers, Adam and Craig, founders of Mutsack, have come so far since they created that Chase Utley and Ryan Howard cartoon in 2011. They’re now producing the popular (and heavily-backed) Game of Zones series for Bleacher Report.

If you’re unfamiliar, GOZ is a cartoon, NBA-themed takeoff of, obviously, Game of Thrones. The trailer for Season 2 of the web series, which debuts on April 20 (…), just dropped, and the one-minute clip is just LITTERED with Sixers and Philly references. Behold:

Voila_Capture 2017-04-14_09-09-33_AM Voila_Capture 2017-04-14_09-11-13_AM Voila_Capture 2017-04-14_09-11-48_AM Voila_Capture 2017-04-14_09-13-50_AM

Five. I count five Sixers references in one minute.

I asked about the Wawa ship and was immediately corrected:

You can watch Game of Zones in the Bleacher Report app.

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51 Responses

    1. The “Game of Zones” cartoon that Kyle claims is popular…. has 534 views currently… that’s 534, not 534,000…. nice job Kyle.

      1. It’s run out of Bleacher Report’s app, and CBS-Turner also promoted the hell out of it through the NCAA Tournament. I would suspect they generate enough views to justify doing so. And I’m not even sure where you’re looking– they have 500k on YouTube https://youtu.be/1ls7QY-r5CI

    1. No and No … That fat slob gonna act like nothing happened. Is he an authentic Eyetalian from South Philly?

    2. Ant is at war with the station. I wouldn’t be surprised if he polled callers on the air trying to get the station to reinstate her.

  1. You will be able to hear unless topics like this discussed on the upcoming podcast.

  2. Is Anthony L Gargano gonna call into Mike’s show today or is he still ailing? What a piece of shit he is. Are people supposed to be happy that tub of lard is coming back Monday? He should just go away forever because all anyone will see him as now is a little bitch who cried because his talentless girlfriend got fired.

    1. Get tired of so many people kissing his ass. He knows a lot of history but his analysis is so-so and his recent track record on prospects is pretty poor.

  3. I see kyle is getting the biz for posting this but if you’re a fan of basketball check it out they are funny

  4. I am so proud of my Anthony Gargano.

    He is making such a brave stand to protest my firing by boycotting the entire week of shows.

    I was so lucky to have met Anthony. He brought me in to 97.5 as a package deal with no prior on air experience and little or no sports knowledge.

    Anthony says he is gonna leave the station and probably head back to WIP, where we will once again be a package deal.

    In the meantime Ant will finish up his contract and I will stay home and take care of my man.

  5. Don’t forget Gargano also waited until the Bro comes back from his vacation to return.v He is a total wuss!

    Also how come Anthony Gargano never protested over the years when all of his other sidekicks were fired – Macnall, Martorano, Ellis, Marks, etc…

    Is MCW taking care of Ant so much at home that he has to defend her honor and throw a hissy fit!

    1. No shit, he better drop the blue collar/tough guy act now. He’s at home crying because his girlfriend was not good at her job and got let go.

  6. If 97.5 really wants to take down Angelo they should put Mike and the Cuz together. They’ve already proven that they can beat WIP throughout the rest of the day.

  7. Kyle
    Usually I agree with you but this post is moronic. This appeals to teens, not sure how many make up your site’s regulars. Just admit this was a fail.

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