NFL Draft Prep Has Begun on the Parkway

An indoor/outdoor arena, numerous video screens, a goddamn zip line, etc. That kind of thing takes a while to set up. 21 days out, the prep has begun.

Currently, the Art Museum’s main flight of stairs – minus the top section – is blocked off as the theater and stage are built. The construction allows for entrance to the museum from a side stairway, but it has thrown a large wrench into the plans of tourists, tourists, and tourists. And with the construction, parking restrictions have already begun.

From now until early May, Phase 1 of the parking restrictions will keep cars off the roads closest to the museum, while Phase 2 (starting in two weeks) will keep cars off the remainder of the Parkway. No, really:

Voila_Capture 2017-04-06_10-09-58_AM

Good God, it looks like Major Drumstick left behind his massive turkey baster. Or, Mrs. Drumstick…

Phases 3 and 4 will extend parking restrictions into some residential areas around the museum, and just generally make the area a complete nightmare. That’s kinda how the Parkway always is though.


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  1. Booing Goodell is fine (and will probably be the loudest it’s ever been) but I’m prayinggggggg that our fans don’t do something especially moronic and get the classic “HURRRRRR DURRRR there goes them Philly fans again, being cretins as always!” Be cool for once in your lives, aholes.

    1. I feel like most of the people attending won’t be from Philly anyway. We’re so close to NY, DC and Boston that a lot of those smug assholes will show up. Also this is a pretty popular event for football fans to travel for, so we’ll get a lot of people from the rest of the country as well.

      1. Great happy hour night that draft Thursday . Always need a couple beers in me when howie fucks up the 1st rd pick

        1. Joe Douglass is in charge of the draft now.
          You’re obviously a cowboys fan.

          1. yes, every iggles stepford should know the drill by now. Howie is the GM, but he isn’t responsible for anything.

      2. Aggressively disinterested in this pending sh#t show. I won’t go within 5 miles of that spot for that reason. I’ll watch on TV as I always do.

        1. I’ll have you know I happen to be one of those A-holes. My screen name tells you such. I like to go to Eagles-Cowboys games and curse out Cowboys fans. I don’t care if their young child is with them! You don’t wear that star in my stadium!

  2. Can’t wait to boo the DE or the shit cb from Ohio st. God forbid the eagles will draft a playmaker like m Williams or c mccaf

    1. Sorry Jim, You’re not funny either.
      Just quit trying to write anything at all and jump back into bed with kyle for your morning snuggle session!

  3. Can’t wait for the Eagles to trade back 5 spots in the first round and watch the moronic fans tear down the structure they’re building.

    Anyone check on sludge lately to see if he’s still alive? How embarrassing to be demoted to doing commercials the station.

  4. My mommy just had a 55 gallon drum of pyrinate a-200 delivered. That means the globetrotters are coming over. It hurts when they pretend my asshole is the Washington generals. I’m 11!!!!

  5. Nothing on the number one ranked golfer falling down a flight of stairs and breaking his leg
    the day before the masters starts?
    oh sorry…that would have required some **FUCKING EFFORT**

    1. Jim is a rube from kutztown, he has no idea what golf is. And Kyle… well you saw him in those gym shorts… the guy is hung like a field mouse.

  6. I bet you dumb republitards are having buyers remorse with the Con Man in Chief Cheetos Trump. His hypocritical ass is doing everything he criticized Hillary for and you suckers fell for all his bs lies and still do. Can’t wait until he gets impeached for treason. Let’s see how you Trump d|ck riders spin this.

    1. What are you?? fucking immune?
      fucking little snowflake………..
      Its doesn’t matter how it gets spun asswipe.
      Because YOU are just another shitstain that is going to have to live with what happens.
      So deal with it fuckface!

      1. Let me translate this last post.
        What the poster is saying is that no matter who you are, you have to take traump’s C0CK all the way
        up your asshole.
        Are you really that stupid to think that voting for that corrupt bribe taking stroke victim Clinton is going to make you immune from
        Trump’s actions?
        No wonder you lost the fucking election…….

        1. Haha. PJFCP is not really a liberal. He supports Muslims, which is by far the most intolerant group of people on the planet. He took a poli-sci class once at community college and got all angry with wealthy republican men. He is just a cliche.

          1. I actually majored in Poli-Sci and minored in Communications. And I went to West Chester. Not community college.

          2. ^^^^^
            So…your still an asswipe
            have fun sucking trump’s C0CK litle snowflake………….
            You know you like it……..

          3. Supports muslims?
            he should get along good with Jim.
            I heard that both of these jack asses are going hiking in the mountain of Iran.
            Don’t coming running home when you get ‘caught’ and end up doing time
            in prison or get your hands cut off.

          4. You see, calling republitards on how dumb they are and using facts causes them to lash out and be incoherent. No wonder why trump won, he got all of the lowest common denominator scum to come out and vote for him. You notice how not one comment had any facts or rebuttals, just reactions of people who have been conned and can’t handle the truth. It’s really sad.

  7. This is fucking embarrassing people. All of this for Early 20 year olds in a non interesting draft class?

    Good for economy and Philadelphia attention blah blah blah. Boring

    I hope the camera pans on a group nailing down key bumps.

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