Just like last year, MLB and the Phillies have special uniforms and hats for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and the All-Star Game. One change this year is that the special uniforms will be worn the entire holiday weekends instead of just the namesake days. Also, due to the “official sock of…” sponsorship, Stance has provided custom socks for each of the holidays which you can see on the writeup.

Other than pointing out that the Mother’s and Father’s Day designs are generally the same as last year, and that I continue to be amazed at the different ways they churn out different flag- and camouflage-inspired hats, I’ll generally let the designs speak for themselves. Speaking of things that speak for the quality of some of the designs: you can still buy the 2010 ice cream man hat on MLBShop (but only in 7 7/8… ladies).


Memorial Day

Notice the stupid New Era logo on every hat. As of 2017, every single on-field hat as the logo above the left ear in a contrasting color.


Like last year, no team colors to be found, but the slightly less prominent camouflage and solid olive color gives it a bit more of a military feel, I suppose. Five stars on the right side for the five branches of the military (when you kind of cheat and include the Coast Guard as part of the military and not Department of Homeland Security). Oddly, the Blue Jays have four maple leaves (well, maple leaves aren’t odd… just Canadian), though they have three military branches. So, I suppose the fourth is for the, uh, Mounties?


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day



Fourth of July

The Fourth of July hat uses a plastic/foil logo which reminds me of the puffiness of the first batch of Topps Finest cards from the 90s. Expect to see a team adopt a normal hat with this type of logo in the next five years. [Shop talk: It appears the logos are printed flat and then probably heat embossed. It appears they’re getting a little bit greedy in terms of emboss height, so there’s some nasty warping, especially around the sharp points of the stars.] They added a slightly heathered appearance to the fabric… because they could.

And some credit where credit is due: the Star-Spangled Sweatband™ is a pretty neat detail most fans will likely never see which the hats don’t really need but it does add a little “hey check this out” to the design:



All-Star Game Batting Practice/”Workout Day” Hat and Jersey



Unless you’re a parent of one of the players, please don’t buy this.


All-Star Game Hat


Gold is fun. Heathered fabric is odd.

Original pictures from MLB’s Press Release:

Composite Pictures are own work or from where noted.

Finally, here’s a consolidated view of the entire 2017 Phillies set.