Ryan Howard Signed a Deal with the Braves

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As Chase Utley gears up for another year in LA, Chooch starts his Mariners tenure, and Jimmy Rollins mulls retirement, Ryan Howard finally found himself a job. In the NL. In the division.

According to Mark Bowman, the Braves have signed Ryan Howard to a minor league deal, where he’ll go to extended Spring Training and then join Triple-A Gwinnett. If Howard makes the bigs this year, there will be plenty of chances for him to face off against his former team.

Hamels with the Rangers is fine. There’s no real history with the Dodgers, White Sox, or Mariners. But the Braves? THE BRAVES? I understand that a job is a job and Howard doesn’t want to hang it up, but seeing him inside the division is going to be very, very strange. As always, one mantra stays true: At least it’s not the Mets.

Kyle: You know how this ends– Howard hitting a walk-off on on 0-2 curve against the Phillies.


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  1. Nose probably needs the $ . Heard nose spends like mc hammer back in the day a la pumps & the bumps

  2. Um…during Utley’s era the Dodgers and Mets were probably the Phillies biggest rival. Remember the NLCS in 08 and 09? Not to mention all the history from the mid-seventies to early eighties between the Dodgers and Phillies.

    In other words, you’re a moron, Jim who knows little to nothing about what you write.

    Take a hike to LA like you’re hipster douchebag in arms Barwin.

  3. Big deal.. .so we do what pitchers have been doing to him for years… start with a breaking pitch low and outside, work your way up to “somewhat high” and inside. 3-4 pitches, he’ll go down swinging.

  4. Who cares who he signs up with? All of this phony hysteria over going to a team in the same division is just to fill up space. Howard is washed up.

  5. It was well worth it. She was tight and I wore a condom ribbed for her pleasure.

  6. “There’s no real history with the Dodgers,”

    That moment when you realize Jim wrote the post.

    1. Thanks, Jim, for rewriting Phillies history. My descendants appreciate it.

  7. No history with the Dodgers….except all the NLCS matchups you twat…great perspective

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