The Magic May Target Dario Saric This Offseason According to their Leaked Target List

Patricio Garino’s friend was so excited his buddy signed with the Magic, that he tweeted out a picture of Garino signing his contract. Just one issue: Garino was seated right in front of the Magic’s whiteboard detailing all of their potential offseason targets.

As noted by UPROXX and Liberty Ballers, a familiar name is on the board:

saric 1

saric 2

saric 3

Among pretty much every available and unavailable mid-level player in the league, there’s our friend Dario Saric. You’ll remember Saric originally came to the Sixers in a 2014 draft night trade with the very same Orlando Magic involving Elfrid Payton and some picks. The text next to The Homie’s name looks like it says “for AG?” which would mean Aaron Gordon. Gordon has spent much of his career so far playing out of position and has failed to show much more than “cool dunking” as a pro. A straight swap of Gordon for Saric probably wouldn’t get it done, and I can’t imagine the Sixers would have any interest in moving the guy they just waited two years for.

Also on the list is Ersan Ilyasova, who will enter free agency this offseason and was traded away by the Magic at last year’s draft. It’s very possible they just don’t know what they’re doing.

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