The Media Already Hates Ben Simmons

I caught some of Philly Sports Talk last night. Why? I don’t know. I think it was PST. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to Michael Barkann, Dei Lynam and Bob Cooney breaking down Ben Simmons’ media availability. I can’t find video of the discussion because it’s 2017 and, as best as I can tell, CSN still doesn’t make their original programming fully available on-demand (with FIOS) or online… so, I shall recount to your their reaction to Simmons’ responses to questions about his recovery and the possibility of him playing in the Summer League.

Barkann, Dei and Bob laid the snark on thick over Simmons’ lukewarm receptiveness to being asked, well, anything. Dei rolled her eyes at his green checkmark Tweet – the latest example of an athlete breaking news on their own – as if some cardinal rule of press releases was violated by Simmons daring to tell his followers with an Emoji that his bone scan was OK.

And then after playing one clip, Barkann commented something to the effect of, “if that clip bothered you, wait until you see this one” (I’m paraphrasing because, again, CSN doesn’t make the full show available online). This is the next clip they played:

OH THE HORROR. Sure, Simmons was maybe a bit needlessly standoffish here. But it looked to me more like a 20-year-old struggling to find a way to soften a “fuck no!” than anything else (why would he play in the Summer League again?).

The bottom line is that Simmons, who hasn’t played a game yet(!), has spoken to the local media, like, twice – literally twice – and he’s already catching flak for being an aloof superstar as he dodges dumbass questions about what he’s learned about the city.

I wrote about this last year. He’s different. The legacy media is going to hate him. The Howard Eskins of the world will attempt to run him out of town the first time he’s out late with a pop star and misses two free throws the next night. Michael Barkann’s head might actually explode. Simmons is a brand. It’s not Ben Simmons– it’s Team Simmons. Hockey and baseball don’t really have guys like that (except for the A-Rods of the world), and there are few in football. Not since AI have we had a player like this, and even then, Iverson just couldn’t help but to keep it real, so we loved him. Simmons and Embiid are polar opposites. Embiid, at least for a while, will dodge this sort of stuff because he’s affable, accessible and likable. Simmons, for lack of a better word, isn’t. And this theory isn’t a bad one:

Yep. Ben is the Lindros to your Brind’Amour. The Mitch to your Dutch. The Carter to your Richards. The McNabb to your Westbrook. The Iguodala to your… quick, name someone who played with Iguodala? You get the point. The jury has already ruled on Embiid– HE LIVES. We don’t even know Simmons yet, but I promise you the media, and the old school, rub-some-dirt-on-it fans are going to hate him. He’s a superstar.

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46 Responses

    1. I don’t expect Kyle to identify the high level of “pussyness” in Ben Simmons, because Kyle is a beta male. As an Alpha, I can smell the “pussyness” on a guy. Ben Simmons reeks of it. The kid is so soft and a huge pussy. Total waste of a #1 pick. $100 says he is not a 6er in 2020.

      1. Double or nothing it’s because he’s playing deeper into the playoffs on a better team after we ran him out of town because faux macho inbreds couldn’t handle his accent.

        1. Kyle, its not the accent. Its the way he carries himself. He is soft. He is the kind of guy who will quit when he faces trouble. He has zero fight in him. He is a pussy.

          1. You guys are all fucking idiots. We get one good player in this city by the grace of ping pong balls and you say hes a pussy and he doesnt belong in this city before he plays one game…The city will love Ben – just as they loved all the scrubs that were in and out of this organization within the course of a year.

        2. Kyle, lets keep in mind a few things:
          – Men who are true “Alpha” males never actually use the words “alpha male”, think about being “alpha”, talk about their “alpha-ness”.

          -Anyone who has to announce to people he is an alpha male is an insecure douche-nozzle who probably still wears graphic tees and hangs out in N. Wildwood. So don’t let Numb Nuts get to you.

          -If he responds to this, it will be “I’m more Alpha than you” or “I kick your ass”. Just wait for it.

    2. If the media in this town wants to find Simmons, he hangs out at a certain bar on Vine Street nightly where most of the single ladies don’t even know who he is. Embiid likes to work the bars looking for local skanks who wants some bbc. It’s how hurt ass playas roll in this city of losers

  1. Barkann is a miserable POS who is washed up anyway – his opinion doesn’t matter anymore to anyone…which is why he loves himself some H O T – T A K E S. What a joke.

  2. Hey everybody I have an idea! Let’s make sure no one wants to play here by unleashing our insufferable media at them.

  3. Bunch of Morons and idiots not qualified to write on a birthday card let alone an article.

    If it’s not Embiid then it should be Saric hands down

  4. Doesn’t Simmons deserve to be more accessible to the fans? Doesn’t he need to do more to relate to the fans? Your calls at 6206320975.

    I hate this town sometimes

  5. If you watched his documentary, none of this will surprise you. He’s a spoon-fed little bitch, will win nothing

    1. Very concerning that he could not lead his LSU team to the NCAA tournament.

        1. Hey fuckface stop acting like you’re some kind of expert Pistol Pete played in an era where freshman weren’t eligible and it was before the NCAA tournament expanded how many teams it took to the current 64 field therefore only 3 Seasons of his count and his senior season they won 22 games.

      1. Yes, because as we all know, winning games in college definitely translates to wining games in the NBA. “Let’s get Grayson Allen! He’s so gritty! Such a hard worker and a winner!”

  6. Is Rob E. really criticizing sports radio in Florida? Hey Rob, Philly sports radio including you S U C K S!!!!!!!

    1. Lots of “ifs” with the Sixers 4 years into the “process”.

    2. no it won’t …..everyone in the media knows that negativity sells, and they will continue to push that agenda on every show, whether it’s Comcast or Radio, and whether the teams win or lose I mean, Angelo and Howard have basically made 25-30 year careers out of it around here. when you have the same a$$holes chasing you around day after day after day, asking the same stupid questions, it’s no wonder that these guys are “aloof”….

      when did players, coaches, teams, whatever, start getting graded more on whether or not the “won” the press conference or the interview, more so than the actual games?

  7. Absolutely right. This town hates most superstars even though we’ll deny it. We’d much rather have Aaron Rowand running into a wall than Bobby Abreu hitting .300. Because HE GETS THE PHILLY (L.OSING) MENTALITY! And there’s absolutely a connection between the media and fans of this town with the lack of championships. And in 5 seconds, some fan will go off on that statement without refuting it.

    1. The Phillies got tremendously better once they shipping Abreu out of town? Find a better example

      1. How about Buddy Ryan and his zero playoff wins being beloved BECAUSE HE HATED THE COWBOYS, while Andy Reid is largely disliked. Dick Vermeil beloved despite getting blown out as a Super Bowl favorite.

      2. They didn’t get a single useful player in return from the Yankees in the Abreu trade and used the savings to sign Adam Eaton and pick up Freddy Garcia.

        Only lazy idiots think the Phils won because they traded Abreu. They won in spite of what happened as a result of that trade

  8. This is Kyle’s best take. Forget the media, most of the casual fan base is going to hate Ben Simmons. He will be releasing statements via Uninterrupted and otherwise won’t say much publicly. He didn’t try on defense in college. He’s not only a poor shooter; he has an adversion to shooting which is going to be great for sports radio.

    By the way, I think he could absolutely be a star. I would just be very surprised if people respected everything he’s good at instead of focusing on his “faults” publicly and on the court.

  9. Is he really that good? Comparisons to LBJ and Magic???? Really?? He couldn’t even take his college team to the NCAA tournament. He can make an NBA team great but couldn’t get a college team into the top 64??? Please…What a joke.

  10. Same idiots said the same things about Mike Richards who left Philly and went on to win the most championships of any human being to ever play the sport of ice hockey.

  11. buwwhwhahahahahahah hillary clinton that low life loser!!! she doesnt know its not about her not being elected because she is a woman, an ugly slob at that, she wasnt elected because she is an unlikeable loser! buwahwhhhahhahahaha TRUMP DRAIN THE SWAMP NO SAFE PLACES YOU FUCKING SNOWFLAKES!

  12. How YUUUUUGE are D’s triple DDDs ,
    why has there NEVER been a picture of her hubby or family, ever and
    would you DO HER ?

    I just got the Jesus twins latest CD and it rocks!
    Stern is a OLD QUEER that turned his bsck on his fans for an ugly Pittsburgh Skank.

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