The Phillies Have Partnered with Yuengling for the First Time

The Phillies have their first new beer sponsor in almost 40 years: Yuengling, which has been around since 1829, and the Phillies, who’ve existed since 1883, somehow never partnered before, but they have now. According to Brewbound, the new, multi-year partnership between the beer brand and the team includes an outfield wall sign, digital sign and in-stadium sign featuring the brewery’s flagship beer, Yuengling Traditional Lager.

As you can see on both their Instagram post and live story today, the Yuengling sign is all set in left field, right next to the StubHub banner:

It marks the Phillies’ first official partnership with Yuengling. Unofficially, Yuengling is represented as a Phillies tailgater’s third top beverage and by scattered Darren Daulton Yuengling Light cardboard cutouts.


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  4. Theyre at it again. By re-airing a 3 year old interview at 3pm today they prove 2 things. They know they aren’t beating the Phillies head to head and that the station continues to show an inability to have original content. Between endless draft talk and me up Sherman trade talks, I don’t know how they still have a station

    1. They had to play something quick. Mike relapsed today and started nodding off.

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