There Is Still Time to Get the Phillies Spring Pass

Tomorrow is your last day to take advantage of the best deal in sports: The Phillies Spring Pass. This year’s pass includes every non-opener home game this month (11 games) for only $50 total ($55 with tax).

A word to the wise if you didn’t do the Spring or June Pass last year: Missing a couple of games is okay. This year’s edition of the Spring Pass includes five games in five days from the 8th to the 12th, and six games in seven days from the 21st to the 27th. Hitting all of those is kinda insane. Plus, going to every single one of those games and getting a beer/snack negates the cheapness of the whole thing.

And if you can’t make games, don’t worry, passing your tickets to someone else isn’t really that complicated. You just need to give a trusted friend your MLB Ballpark app login info and hope they don’t decide to order food for the entire row with your card on file. If they do, at least there are two dollar dog nights in the package.

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12 Responses

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    1. well you know, we here at do not have time to fact check anything.
      We assume that the people we stole the articles from did the fact checking, so blame them.
      Besides, i’m on the rag so leave me alone!

  2. Why would he say that when Rob makes less he does.

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