This is almost a parody of how the national media would cover what was a tremendous event in Philly. For real, the city looked great. The money shots on TV were perfect, especially as the sun went down and the lights went up. The crowd was thick and deep and filled the open spaces way better than you could’ve envisioned by looking at the setup. The boo was perfect– top 5 all-time boo. More: I think the nation got our tongue-in-cheek relationship with the boo last night. Goodell’s is everyone’s heel – all commissioners are – and Philly did its part well. Bonus points to NFL Network and ESPN– even though their pre-draft broadcasts were soaked with Rocky references like this:

If you blacked out after Kay Adams, just know that the rest of that clip was bad. But that was it– the actual broadcasts focused on the draft and the fans.

And for what it’s worth, Michael Strahan was really complimentary of Philly fans in that GMA clip. We did good.

H/T to reader Ryan