Uber and the Phillies Are Offering $2.15 Rides to the Home Opener, but There’s a Catch

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

From a press release:

Today, Uber and the Philadelphia Phillies unveiled a new partnership to provide fans with convenient, affordable transportation options to and from Citizens Bank Park, designating Uber as the team’s official rideshare app. In celebration of this initiative and to mark the Phillies Home Opener this Friday, April 7, uberPOOL rides going to or from Citizens Bank Park within Philadelphia County from 1-8pm will cost only $2.15.

“Thanks to Uber, fans have another great option to get to the ballpark on Opening Day,” said David Buck, Phillies Senior Vice President, Marketing and Advertising Sales. “The $2.15 uberPOOL is an affordable and easy way to get to all the fan-festivities that surround our first home game of the season.”

There are, of course, some sticking points here. First, it’s uberPOOL, so you’ll be riding with total strangers. Second, it’s uberPOOL, so it can take anywhere from 1.5 to 38 times as long to get to where you need to go.* But if you’re not really in any rush, and you don’t mind the whole stranger thing, $2.15 – while just a pun on the area code – actually squeaks in just under SEPTA’s $2.25 for a cash ride on the BSL. So even if you’re close to the subway, the deal still works. Friday’s opener is at 3:05. I’d summon a car as early as possible.

*A friend took uberPOOL from Center City to my house, in South Philly, just once. It took 45 minutes once he was in the car. Google Maps says the walk should only take 38 minutes.


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  1. Kyle,

    can I pay $100 and sponser a post to advertise my own sports blog?

    can I pay $100 and run an add on one of Jim’s post that promotes firing him?
    * JK about this one. I think Jim does a great job, but it sounded funny in my head.


    1. The no fact checking wad Adair lives in South Philly?
      No wonder it stinks in south philly.
      Its called soap jim…it’s called “SOAP”!

      1. I swiped right on Brad the 24 year old Tinder Stud. We plan to picnic before the game on Friday.

        1. That’s great. When you guys are sucking each other C0CKS, make sure you do it at home or inside your Prius.
          Fucking pussy!

    2. Who sees it? Crossing Broad is read by ~250k people each month. Most are local sports fans who live in or around Philly. About 80% of them are men in their 20s and 30s, many with an average household income approaching six figures.

      1. You’d have to be a fucking idiot to believe any of this.
        A lame attempt by Kyle to market this pisshole.
        Unfortunately he can’t back any of this up with facts.
        Counting ‘Jim Adair’ as “200K people” is just bullshit.

        Obviously Kyle has some kind of scam/pyramid scheme going and
        he’s hoping someone will pay him $$$ to ‘buy out’ his shitty little website.
        We’ll be seeing Kyle on American Greed any month now doing time in prison
        for fraud.

        1. Kyle is a sports blogging genius. I fully endorse his expert opinion on such matters and take everything he says at its word. I promoted Lenny Dykstra and his financial genius, so I know talent when I see it.

    3. I hope to share a cab with Natalie Egenolf. I hear once she has 2 twisted teas its hand job city.

  2. I heard he called MCW a worthless “Twat” on the air and said once he kicks her to the curb she will never work in radio again.

    1. I’ll be in China Town later if you want to go at it tough guy.
      Meet me at Chin Liu’s at 4pm.


      1. “Jism” with an “s”? I usually go “z” but I think I prefer your classic English Victorian style sir!

    1. I heard that after Eytan pays tribute to Missanelli and Gargano, he makes less than minimum wage.

      1. Eytan makes $125,000 per year. Mike Miss gets $600k and Gargano gets $300k. Look it up. It’s published.

        1. Eytan was seen whippin a brand new 911 turbo last Friday at Firepoint in New Town Square.

          1. So Eytan is young, rich, drives a Porsche , and has a giant penis ??? Life is so unfair.

        2. Ethan has the life. Loves pussy and working his ass off on the radio.. Mike miss is overpaid, 97.5 needs to lay him off and get some1 new in his spot

        3. Total BS and it’s not published. Eytan doesn’t even have a contract. He gets paid for each air shift that’s why he works so much.

  3. Serious question Kyle, before any company would send you money for advertising, they would probably want verifiable data to confirm your site traffic. What source provides this information and do you release it?

    1. Good call, his prior post made some awfully bold claims about “impressions” and viewers, especially in the key demo. Take that with a grain of salt.

    2. He has released in posts previously and indicated the data came from Google Analytics.

  4. I always thought the worst radio bit was when the Eagles get their schedule and then hosts go W/L. Well 97.5 is taking it to a new level. Predicting what the schedule will look like and then picking W/L.

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