We’re Not Done With That Silly Philly Guy Conversation

After the interwebs ridiculed 97.5 the other day over a question about whether Bryce Harper was a “Philly guy,” CSN, in a painfully self-unaware moment rehashed the topic and put it up to a vote later that night on Philly Sports Talk. Here’s a short, fair-use snippet [this is from Monday– I missed it yesterday]:

Few things:

  1. I don’t believe those polls. They fluctuated wayyyyy too much to be real. Even just 30-40 responses from a like-minded audience will get you a pretty stable result. The needle rarely moves that much, let alone VACILLATING wildly 40 points in either direction. I don’t know this for a fact, but I think CSN gooses the numbers just to make for “good” TV.
  2. To be fair, every casually-dressed panelist here disagreed with the silly notion that Bryce Harper wouldn’t be Philly enough to play here. But merely talking about it reinforces the notion that we’re all neanderthals incapable of dichotomous thought.
  3. Marcus Hayes would prefer Manny Machado to Harper. That’s fine. But his reasoning MAKES NO DAMN SENSE: He told Glen Macnow – with a straight face, I might add – that Harper has hit his ceiling, unlike Machado. Harper is 24. In fact, SO IS MACHADO. It’s like arguing with a Dum-Dum. No matter how much complexity you throw at him, Marcus remains one flavor and one flavor only.

Side note: I don’t know how I missed this #CSNSweater:

Voila_Capture 2017-04-19_07-53-38_AM

It’s… breathtaking.

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24 Responses

      1. Let me be perfectly clear: it ain’t pretty honey! yikes!! you’re in a young woman’s world now and each of those 35 years are evident. Less IG pics of you golfing, more of you cooking, cleaning.

        1. Kyle,

          How does it feel to feed your family by allowing the CB commenters to smear Jillian Mele’s name based upon #fakenews?

          What kind of an example are you setting for your kids? Would you be proud if your son, 15 years from now, saw how his dad turned a blind eye to smear campaigns?

          How does your wife, who is around the same age as Jillian, feel that a talented female news anchor has to be subjected to sexist, ageist comments?


          1. Sucking a golf ball through 50 feet of garden hose. That’s the standard Fox News audition for female anchors.

  1. Believe it or not , Marcus Hayes has a pretty big penis. I snuck a peek last year while standing next to him at the urinal. Very thick, and around 4.5 inches totally soft.

  2. Aww Bo, Bryce is definitely a MEAT. He passes my eye test. What do you think about that M C W?

    1. Low ratings? What are you smoking? Cuz is slowly passing Angelo in the morning ratings. Why do you think they just gave Ant a huge new contract?

  3. You missed the clip, and you, also, missed the sweater. It’s almost like you need another full-time blogger, to keep up with things.

  4. Moronic polls by a moronic producer who puts them up for his moronic host.

    1. Lest anyone confuse the subject with a Hayes. No one is a bigger Douches than Barkass.

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