Brandon Graham Totally Wasn’t Holding Out

Few things I love more than the screenshot statement.* Brandon Graham, who has like 22 Twitter followers after all the people he’s blocked over the years, tweeted out the following… for those of you imagically impaired:

Back in Philly and I just wanted to clear a few things up for all of our fans. I was never holding out. I was in Detroit last week spending some time with my family. I love playing in Philly, I love our fans and I love this organization. I’ve never had an issue with my contract. I don’t know where that news came from. I will be here at OTAs leading the charge and ready to get things started.

OK, I’ll be the guy to point this out: Just being home with your family is, uh, sort of holding out. Unless there’s some reason he’s withholding – which he totally can – on its face I’m not sure what exactly this proves. Yeah, I know, workouts were voluntary, but his explanation is akin to a Trump admin explanation that denies something without an absolute denial. Oh so you were home with your family? Were you also holding out? I don’t care. Seriously, I don’t. This is the most non-story of all the Eagles non-stories this offseason. But I’m just pointing out that being home without your family when the not-mandatory-but-totally-kind-of-mandatory workouts are going on isn’t a great excuse. Never mind the pants-on-fire nature of that contract line. Graham shouldn’t be happy about his contract– it sucks. He deserves more. By all means, Brandon, hold out the next time you go home and randomly decide not to show up. Might as well get something out of it.

On his podcast today, Jeff McLane, who initially reported that Graham was holding out, said “he must’ve changed his mind.

*Super progressive use of it here, too– going with unpublished Tweet screenshot that was ENTIRELY over the character limit. 

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40 Responses

  1. Leslie sweetie, if you wanna play with the big boys on crossing broad, then it’s a necessary evil to open your comment section otherwise your posts will go unread and like a Kyle at Nova frat party, totally ignored.

    1. Big boys on crossing broad? Man you are a fucking loser. Seriously you may have made the worst and most pathetic comment this site has ever seen. Keep hitting refresh though

      1. It’s very offensive that Kyle decides that Leslie isn’t strong enough to handle comments.

  2. Who would’ve guessed that in May a reporter may have bent the truth a little in order to write an attention grabbing story. This was a pathetic attempt for clicks. No, voluntary OTAs means you don’t need to attend. A 5 or 6 year vet can miss a few days if they choose. That’s why it is voluntary. This is why NFL coverage year round absolutely sucks. You get made up stories or just pointless ones. This falls under both categories

  3. She does a good job. I find her work well written . Even when it’s shit I don’t care about I read it.

  4. Looks like mcLane sucked off a bad source i bet they were all having a laugh at his expense today. What a loser i met him at buffalo wild wings once and I let him give me a handy while he face f#*×d me like a wild animal. LOSER!

  5. Why are the comments off that chicks post? No one gives a shit what she has to say, the fun part is reading the comments ripping her apart for killing a baby at some point in her life.

      1. Hey lay off my little bro, he’s still coming to grips with the fact that he will always be a bar back at a dive bar and nothing more.

  6. Can’t wait to get some pussy at xfinity live tonight . Heading there around 5:30 and will be on the prowl . Might force myself on a couple chicks if the sixers get 2 picks

  7. Some pathetic losers are honestly annoyed they can’t
    make anonymous,childish comments to Leslie.

    The mirror must be depressing as hell.

  8. uhhh, the camps weren’t mandatory and he was busy railing me. You should know that Kyle. That doesn’t equal a hold out. Go back to your basement nerd.

  9. I’m worried about your site Kyle. ESPN is shrinking, Jim gets canned, you are looking for new revenue streams because the old dried up, and now PI is dead too. Ominous times right now.

  10. How much did you pay Gudel to post the Phillies PR email to your blog? I’ll do it for half of what she charges.

  11. Kyle likes the Mexicans their big hats hold up his legs while “mexican jumping beans” bounce off his asscheeks

  12. Hey Leslie you left your husband’s t shirt in the back seat of my car. I washed it so no stains!

  13. I really don’t get why people think Brandon Graham is some elite pass rusher. He had 5.5 sacks last year and people on the radio act like he’s the next William Fuller. Hop off

  14. Hey Kyle you left your chapstick in the back seat of my car, you fuckin asshole next time call an uber you cheap fuck

  15. Top 5 black adult film stars Kyle has spread for (while I watched while furiously chafing myself):
    1. Mandingo
    2. Lex Steel
    3. Seth Joyner (he’s HUGE)
    4. Shane Diesel
    5. Mike Missanelli (he WANTS to be black and he likes fatties so he gets a pass)
    Just great stuff, Kyle is a real pro he gives the meanest rusty trombone I’ve ever seen

  16. Fuck Brandon Graham! That stiff was stealing money for his first few years, and now is barely serviceable (or is it that the overall quality of the team has declined to where he is now one of their better players.)

    Graham! Shut the fuck up and play football. When you accomplish something, THEN open your yap.

  17. And then blamed it on others in the media. That’s how he rolls. He’s never wrong.

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