Crossing Broadcast: Interview with Josh Innes

Kyle, Adam and Russ talk to Josh Innes.


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58 Responses

    1. He needs to “lose” weight. You know…because he is very fat.

    2. Anything on Kyle going nuclear on his own site in a hissy fit and posting IPs?

    3. Any update on where my formally ranked #11 in sports and recreation podcast sits now?

      1. Sorry for being lazy a quick Google search shows it’s back down to #71 just ahead of about 30 hockey podcasts. Sampling over. The Innes of podcasts.

  1. It is not at all uncommon for Josh to order 3 large pizzas for himself on a Friday night.

    1. You forgot a zero. Best under 400 lbs. But theres alot of controversy surrounding him because no one believes hes under 400 lbs. I do because he was nice to me once.

        1. I hate Mike Miss. I called in once and he made me look like a complete idiot. Ever since that day, I prayed Josh would beat him. When that didn’t happen, I started beating off to some fucked up shit.

  2. Look, i listened to the podcast. It was awful, sad. i could do so much much better if kyle would get rid of the trolls ,ok. believe me, the podcast needs someone like me, ok.

      1. This is the biggest waste of time comment ever you LOSER. Until this response, that is.

    1. Why does brad and shartles get all the shout outs and we gets nuffin!

  3. Seeing as im the most popular thing about crossing broad it only seems appropriate that i get mr adairs salary of 75 cents plus a handy from kyle per post.

  4. I’ll report every fucker here if you keep up the hateful comments towards the local media and myself

  5. An interview with Josh Innes? LOL no one could be that desperate. I bet no one listened to it.

      1. No the Best of Cataldi is an oxymoron and Mike and Mike are no longer together.

    1. Look at the views…. 275

      That two hundred seventy five. Not 275,000 just 275


  6. another one? wasnt fatso on the podcast over the winter before kyle took 6 months off and changed it to a morning one a couple days a week for the time being before he gives up on that too?

    what could he possibly have to say about philadelphia sports. he hasnt been here for like 2 years. oooo he trashed gargano again, im sure. amazing. everyone hates that obese wannabe south philly guido.

    1. Don’t fat shame you super predator, we need to bring you to a heel.

  7. awww, poor kyle wanted to get attention off his little hissy fit so just recycled some garbage.


    1. Dude, have you ever known a skinny, pussy, white , rich boy who could handle being made fun of? No. Kyle is as soft os Ben Simmons.

  8. The best part is that Kyle thought this would be his best podcast, and it had the fewest views. Priceless. Lol.

  9. I kind of feel like I’m walking on eggshells commenting on here after Kyle stealing people’s identities

    1. Thanks again for your support you fucking loser.

  10. I don’t like Josh Innes because of his personality. He’s mastered the art of running his mouth ceaselessly but there’s never much worth listening to.

    1. But you’ve been listening to me for 25 years.


  11. There were some brutal lines in that podcast though. It was definitely worth listening to, despite having to listen to Innes drone on and on.

    The part where he was talking about an annoying sound on his podcast and one of the hosts compared it to Innes was hilarious. So deadpan.

  12. My thoughts on how sports radio could be improved: more expert/intelligent shows focused on specific topics/teams.

    I don’t follow the Flyers at all, but I’d much rather listen to an hour of Flyers talk hosted by guys that know hockey than the general purpose bullshit that passes as sports radio. Who knows? maybe it would prompt me to become a fan.

  13. kyle. please do something about the horrible comments above. I thought things were changing but I guess not

  14. It’s interesting about Josh’s estimate of Missanelli’s salary at $400k versus the estimate you, Adam, and Russ had at $600-800k in a previous podcast. I tend to believe Josh’s number since he does seem so plugged into the industry. The amount seems so low for a major market (Philly is in the top 6 or 7 largest city) and Missanelli’s amount of self-importance.

      1. Still, it goes with what you three have been saying about quality and sustainability and what Josh said about getting rid of sports talk to be more profitable under a BENFM model.

        If only one station stays, who do you think it is? I’d say 97.5 since they have long term personality since Angelo is done after this contract. The major issue to consolidation that I see are the game rights. Could WIP simply transfer the Eagles rights to 97.5 – dime for dime – and reformat? Or would it have to be a completely new negotiation?

        With a legit four sports radio network, the sole sports station could have reduced talent requirements with so many evenings broadcasting games with simply a lead-in guy they can groom. Plus 97.5 has utilized MMR well when games overlapped.

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