Jason Kelce for Mark Ingram?

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Lots of conjecture today about the Eagles trading Jason Kelce to the Saints after an Ian Rappppppppopopopoport that Saints center Max Unger will miss at least the start of the season with an injury. Both Bleeding Green Nation and NJ.com floated the idea of trading Kelce for running back Mark Ingram, since the Saints just signed Adrian Peterson and drafted Alvin Kamara. Indeed, I heard from a Little Birdie that the Eagles and Saints have spoken about said potential trade, and that discussions are still in the very early stages. Whether a deal gets done is still up in the air, but it would make sense for both teams. Watch this space.


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  1. Please make this, and Kendricks for Kyle Fuller, happen.

  2. This must be how you earned those draft credentials. Pretending to have a source while stating the obvious. Wow, the Saints and Eagles have talked?

    P.S. You don’t capitalize little birdie.

  3. Can’t stand Ingram but I’d drive Kelce to the airport for this trade. Fuck I’d even buy him a beer and crab 🦀 fries and cheese at the airport chickies

    1. Wow crab fries AND cheese AND a beer? What a big fucking spender you are. Delco trash. Must have been a great first date to all of your first cousins down there spending wrecklessly like that.

    1. Only because you threatened to fight every Buccaneer in the facility.

  4. I still lol how josh innes used to call kelce a teacher’s pet and company man

    1. I have to admit, the last 2-3 months of his show I actually started liking. Funny is funny.

      Then he got shit-canned.

  5. Jason Kelce is still an Eagle?

    I thought all the obnoxious, media obsessed hipsters were run out of town with Barwin.

  6. I just took a 100 part survey. Fuck you, I put it down as a 65-year-old woman anyways

  7. Kelce isn’t great, but I’d rather keep depth & experience on the o-line. Ingram is nothing special either – guys like him are a dime a dozen. Plus his dad was a Giant.

    1. Yeah who would want a running back who averaged 5.1 yards per carry last season and also caught 46 passes when you could have an undersized, shitty center who gets manhandled by any decent defensive tackle? Who gives a shit about what team Ingram’s criminal dad played for? He was also on the Eagles too. Kelce sucks.

      Also, the Sixers can’t draft Fox and play him with Simmons. If you’ve watched any second of NBA basketball over the past few years, you’d know you can’t win shit with two non-shooters on the floor. Just doesn’t work. Your takes are all very bad.

  8. My man Bill Conlin and myself need a favor. Can one of you assholes kill little Timmy Gudel so we can get our hands on that sweet little ass up here in heaven? He’s 11!!!!!

  9. Whaaaaat?!? I wake up this morning and turn on the radio as I peer over the dashboard and I hear this?! As soon as my suit gets done in the dryer I’m going on PST!!

    1. You nitwit. You’re supposed to hang dry your suits. If it shrinks would you mind gifting it to me??

  10. Anybody seen Matt? He’s late for our Monday “meeting”….

  11. Anything on Ryan Howard getting cut? I really thought this was the year he would return to pre 2011 injury form.

  12. What happened to the crossing broad golf outing? Cmon Kyle you know you want us back. It’s me, Glassmask, Jolly and MCWs Hard Stops in a foursome.

  13. Question of the day: Should I piggyback off my Dad or get a real job? I’ll be doing my deep knee bends in the cucumber patch if you need me.

    1. Hahah I went on a tinder date with Ava Graham. Got a blowjob in my apt. Then kicked her out and ghosted her.
      Nasty girl. Lucky I didn’t catch a disease.

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