Joel Embiid Is Doing Double Duty Today

Big day for Jojo, who is trying to bring the Juju for both the Sixers, in the lottery, and ESPN, at their upfronts.

What are upfronts? It’s when television networks and advertisers gather to horse trade advertising slots on upcoming program. Networks showoff and announce their new lineups and programming (which is why there was all that ESPN news yesterday) and give advertisers a chance to lock-in sponsorship… ready for this… upfront. All the major networks are involved.

This morning, ESPN is pitching their new agenda personality-driven programming, which was just announced to include a Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre hour (yuck), and presumably their super premium NBA and NFL broadcasts. Including Embiid alongside Serena Williams and the recently-retired Paul Pierce says a lot about the marketing potential of Embiid. Obviously, ESPN took notice of his star power and thinks he will serve as an excellent pitchman to big brands.

Sometimes in Philly we get wrapped up in our own stars and it takes us a while to realize that they have considerable star power on a national level. By inviting Embiid, who has only played 31 games in the NBA, along to pitch advertisers during what has turned out to be a crucial period for ESPN tells you all you need to know about Embiid’s superstar potential. I would imagine that somewhere Team Simmons is wondering how they can get in on that action.

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21 Responses

  1. your surveys are fascists nazis. SHAME! I dont identify as either male or female . where is my choice?

    1. I agree. I am Gender Fluid. On days I feel like a dude, I squat in a urinal in the ESPN men’s room. When I feel like a shemale I use the women’s room. I got Curt Shilling fired when he insulted us freaks.

      1. Hey, Abby Wambach looks like a dude because she’s slammed in like 250 goals off that ugly mug of hers. I can respect that. You know she sucks dick better than any weather girl.

  2. I can see retarded magic Johnson not being aware the sixers get the lakers pick if it’s not in top 3

  3. and the first pick goes to….the Los Angeles Laker

    They put Magic in charge. They are getting the pick. If they fall out of the top 3, they only have 1 first round pick (2018) before 2020, and can’t trade one until 2021. They aren’t losing the pick. As normal, the fix will be in for the “lottery”

  4. I’ve never heard so many basketball insiders be so sure that the Lakers are keeping their pick. I can’t visualize Magic (has a h0mo son) sitting up there on that stage just to see the Lakers lose that pick.

  5. I will be handing out resumes tonight at the lottery. Was fired from la colombe fishtown for giving Nat Eg free coffee. Help give me a job and a purpose in life.

    1. Last I saw her was at a super cuts getting a trim and yelling, God help you if you try and cut my bangs off!

  6. 1) J.Embiid
    2) B.Simmons
    3) N.Vucevic
    4) M.Carter-Williams
    5) E.Turner
    6) E.Payton
    7) J.Okafor
    8) M.Harkless
    9) T.Luwawu
    10) F.Korkmaz

  7. Are we sure the Lakers will get the number 1 pick? Me? I’m HIV positive they will.

  8. Hey man you know you can’t rip bomani (huge racist) Pablo (who isn’t bad) or the SC6 crew (unwatchable, jemele also racist) without being labeled a huge bigot…you should know better cracker

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