Kyle Lowry Just Announced That He’s Opting Out of His Contract

That sound you hear is Bryan Colangelo picked up his phone and it hitting his collar. No way the Sixers don’t kick the tires here. You might hate maxing a 31-year-old guard, it might not make a ton of sense for the Sixers’ timeline… but it could happen.

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15 Responses

  1. The joke wouldn’t have been funny even if you did spell every word correctly.

    1. Any word on Sean Brace completely losing his cool over the weekend at Maggiano’s in King of Prussia? Dude went in with his wife looking for a table, they told him about a 35 minute wait. well he made a scene and asked to see the manager, etc…

      He kept on saying I am the guy on Fox, Sean Brace…The manager had no clue who he was and kept on saying we will have a table soon.

      Who does Brace think he is? He has a non-paid gig at Fox – basically an internship; and was throwing his name around. It was very embarrassing.

      1. Marks is doing an amazing job and is poised to seize drive time when the station makes changes before the start of football. I axe you. Is that anyway to run a station. Goodbye Chris and Ike.

  2. One of the stupidest moves they could make and would show that Colangelo has no idea what he is doing.

  3. If there's a sports god in heaven then he'll stop the aging injury-prone Kyle Lowry from signing with the Sixers says:


  4. I don’t normally call you on your Villanova bias since you went there. But come on dude, if he went to St. Joes or Temple or anywhere else even you’d be saying to stay away from aging veterans and big contracts. Signing him makes no sense. Not this year. You need to see what Simmons, Embiid, Saric, 1st round pick/s can do before you spend big money on a guard. I don’t care what the cap may look like 5 years down the road because you will need to resign guys you already have. And having a 35 year old guard making $30 mil a year isn’t good for anyone. Not to mention hes 31, he probably wants to go to a top contender, not a re-building team

  5. Did anyone here the scuz an baldy talk about how much the San Francisco LB from bama looked like a beast. Who gives a shit Brady looks like a dad bod fuck and is the GOAT.

  6. Unbelievable Hinkie fans don’t want to get a top point guard, even for three good years. Lets stay bad forever!

    We can acquire a top player and give up nothing, other than salary, no players, and you morons want to pass!

  7. Fuck yea Kyle.

    Sign him. They need him. Are we waiting for lebron to retire? Fuck that.

    The camaroonian Casanova will own lebron in the paint in his KL second year.

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