Marcus Hayes Tweets Defense For His Bullshit

Marcus Hayes is attempting to explain himself for writing this drivel about Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz. How’s that going?

If Howard says it’s not true, it must not be not true:


It was my opinion:

OK. Enough. This is all bullshit. Columns are subjective, yes. But hiding behind tone and interpretation for ridiculous claims that bordered on stated fact is a cop-out, one used by someone who realizes they’ve been discovered to be a complete fraud. Marcus is nestling himself in that little safe space, the nook and cranny between fact and opinion, by playing semantics and ignoring the massive elephant in the room: that what he wrote was wildly and carelessly detached from reality or, at best, a grossly incompetent interpretation of an event. Either way, he’s an asshole.

He wants to claim Pederson answered that question any differenly? Fine. Here, go ahead, watch it again. In fact, go watch the full video here. Tell me if you detect ANY change in tone, let alone a sneer.

Marcus’ carefully-worded opinion masquerades as fact. Just look at how quickly this spread:

All this, based on some loose interpretation of a tone that didn’t exist.

I almost wish Hayes would’ve just said something along the lines of “I know this to be the case,” and that his use of Pederson’s response was simply a means to pass along background information. That stuff happens. You can’t cite a source, so you use something else to draw a conclusion you know to be out there. That’s fair. BUT HE DIDN’T DO THAT. He just keeps tweeting that his ostensible familiarity with Doug Pederon’s tone allows him to know better than everybody else in that room.


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  1. Any thoughts on letting Marcus Hayes write a weekly piece on the site? I really think it will drive page views and advertising dollars.

        1. Kyle, this obsession you have with Marcus Hayes is borderline psycho and may require you to seek professional help.

          1. Marcus,
            Not only are your words the literary equivalent of a diaper laden when yellow baby poo, your shameless attempts to engender some kind of undeserved sympathy by constantly playing the race card shows you to be a journalist almost without peer at the bottom of the dung heap that is Philadelphia “sports reporting”. Your lumpy head seems to carry opinions that make sense only to you and your constant whinging when people disagree show you to have the moral constitution of a little mewling baby (or Kyle). There are literally no worse journalists in our region save for those that call themselves “sports bloggers”

            Howard “I never meant to kill that bitch bitch” Eskin

    1. Can’t be any worse than that c unt who writes now

      1. I admire your cowardly style.

        You have so much practice being an internet tough guy – you know what words will get you deleted so you misspell them.

        You have to be the coolest cat around. You are a bad man.

        You called a lady names on the internet. My man is awesome.

        1. And you aren’t funny. Easy to point out failure than to actually try. Although since I’m on here I will agree that it wasn’t that funny.

        2. Actually I’m new to this but thanks! Now go shave your ass h ole

    2. There is a reason why Hayes is on CSN..They didn’t just pick a name out of a hat. Hayes knows his shit. I get it..Kyle doesn’t like him… ok. Kyle just sounds jealous here. Kyle wishes he would be on TV.. but hes not and Marcus is. Deal with it .

      1. Kyle has always said “never swing down” so by attacking Marcus Hayes i guess it is safe to assume that Kyle thinks Hayes is better than him

    3. Apparently Anton Shander, Geoff Mosher, Joe Tordi, Rob Ellis and Joe Stazak are ‘All Stars’ hahahahaha!

  2. From 11 to 29 overnight in the sports category. Kyle is quickly realizing the pod only jumped up the rankings because it was new. Now it’s lagging behind Runner’s World pod.

  3. You guys should check out my daily take-down of the stupid shit Kyle Scott writes. Just kidding. Who the fuck is Kyle Scott?

    1. Remember when I was pyledriving mother Scott on the basement futon while you were right next to me doing the same to kyle? My favorite part was our high five.

  4. C’mon, Kyle. This is frat level jv bullshit. Fuck this.

    1. Pittsburgh penguins are a lock tomorrow night . Bet some $$ on them for a free Memorial Day weekend

  5. This year, that freeloader could very well be Mary Lee – a roughly 3,500-pound great white shark who was pinged just east of Assateague Island off the Virginia-Maryland coast. reports that Mary Lee has traveled approximately 40 miles in the last 24 hours and is still heading north to sea isle.

  6. I’m almost certain this site is the reason Marcus Hayes still has a job…his stories get clicks because of the shit he purposely spits.

  7. I watched Tom Brady work on his release throw…..Marcus Hook couldn’t instigate a QB controversy with Mcnabb ?

  8. Kyle – how is your podcast doing? Can you give us actual real numbers of downloads? Trending the wrong way, eh?

    1. Hey Skippy. It’s called sampling. Like Innes. Kyle will be on the bottom of the pile very soon just where he likes it as a power bottom.

  9. Wentz is not the great white hope the Philly Media, WIP, 97.5 and Crossing Broad hype him up to be. He’ll have a decent to mediocre career and won’t be an Eagle within four seasons.

  10. Kyle – you need to get over this morbid infatuation of yours with Marcus Hayes. Really, find something else to blog/bitch about. It’s old.

  11. Kyle hurry up and buy some shares of Lockheed Martin stock……Trump sold the Saudi’s a lot of missiles and flux capacitors and a Death Star.

  12. Everyone needs to get to 975 All-star day asap. So much pussy. Baldy has dipped into the “buffet” twice already.

      1. Yes and she’ll be flairing!

        Dwayne from Swedesboro might make an appearance as well.

  13. hey Marcus, perhaps Dougie P’s “tone and inflection” were directed more towards him having to answer stupid questions from stupid reporters…..over and over and over again

  14. That headline. Ewwwww …that is such a stretch. How the F did they print that.?! The modern day pun obsession has completely spiraled out of control.

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